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28 Days Later...

28 days later...
I'm still scribbling in my notepad.
I feel I've written my best yet.
I wonder if inspiration will return-
When I return.
Though this is my real home.
The weather's worse now.
I'm still as the wind is still.
Humidity has loosened the tape-
On my windowsill.
I spill my soul as I try to contain it,
I like life and still I complain bits,
I am naive but still I seem tainted,
I pour milk on my plate and wait-
And it goes sour.
This is my first not my final hour.
I ate breakfast now I gather power.
To use today to my advantage,
My back hurts but it can't use a bandage-
I banned zits.
The last one disappeared the week past.
If I don't take breaks there is no trouble.
If I don't shave then I get no stubble.
If I don't chew gum I break no bubble-
I forsake no other.
Pass time as much as bubblechewing.
Even when I chew bubblegum I do things.
Even when the world is sleeping it won't stop spinning.
I'm out swimming, walking, thinking that summer-
Is still only beginning.


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