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300 (2006)

Seems like I haven't reviewed the predecessor to 300 - Rise Of An Empire yet, so I will do so now. This is the story of a group of 300 men, who against all odds stand their ground against the legions of Xerxes, and in the final battle show him that he might not be a god after all. For what god's blood flows red? It's an inspiring tale full of bloodstained battlefields, treason, and a fight against overpowering odds that becomes more than just a movie: it becomes a legend.

One interesting thing with this movie is that everything, apart from characters and props, is CGI. There's no real blood. There's no real scenery. And it's one grand exception in how I usually believe even red paint is better than fake blood, and even B-movies often outshine commercial blockbusters like Next or Daredevil because of particularly crappy CGI. Yet this is different. The massacre is masterfully composed, and they really bring the honor into the fight, that spirit, the pride of facing death without fear. Is it Madness? No, it's their code, their way of life; the way of the warrior. The way of Sparta. 300 was an inspiring and violent watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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