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300: Rise Of An Empire (2014)

300 - Rise Of An Empire (2014)

It's another mad mess of action and bloody battle! Not as inspiring a tale as the last one, maybe, and one with a potential continuation (it feels like it's spelled out in big 'To be Continued' text at the end... even if they don't say it directly) to boot, but an intense and masterfully animated movie nevertheless. I say animated because it's just full of CGI and special effects. Seems like only the characters themselves are all real.

They've also added a women in this movie, probably because of all the gay jokes the last one brought fourth. Better combat such potential public outcry with sexy samples of both sexes, even if it is just the one femme fatale. There's a steamy almost-sex scene amidst the battle so you know the main character is straight, kinda, and there's a back story behind the previously somewhat mythical Xerxes that both reveals he is not actually a god, but moves on to reveal how he became a god. And if this sounds completely irrelevant after the previous revelation, you'll grow to know both tidbits of info are related to the added aspects of femininity in the movie, where suddenly the opposite sex is the one holding the strongest enmity of them all. The most violent, savage and beautiful of them all.

I'm a bit ambivalent towards that revelation behind Xerxes. It might've been more effectual if he remained an untouchable illusion of a superior entity despite all the amounted odds, despite the main character's incredulous defeat, a perceptible threat even after these failures, so we can see him as a menace even in the sequel. This is not his defeat, this is just the introduction, a little appetizer for all the destruction I do hope the next movie will surmount.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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