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Woo! It's not just around Christmas apparently. We passed the most recent thousandth in the middle of the year this time. Spring, 2021, probably? The count's up at 3,152 now and counting...

Not sure why I see the need to post about numbers like this. As if the social involvement on a blog is the best indication of accomplishment and reach, or the writing itself a quality measured by number more so than wisdom and/or witticism, but regardless of the reason I do have a thing for numbers! It seems the higher they are the worthier a cause for celebration, and in this dystopian world of ours we can use any cause we get can't we?

It is nice this place still garners a little activity too; maybe more so now than in a while now...

If you haven't ever left a comment here before why not leave one today!

I'll be back to respond in a couple months or so.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jul/7/2021

    peace out

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jul/7/2021

    Actually I think I'm a respond to just this one a little early. Gotta peace together the peaces and all.

    Peace man!

  3. summerskoo
    Monday Aug/30/2021

    welcome back cd

  4. Cyber
    Monday Aug/30/2021

    Thank you summerskoo!

    Though I'm not totally back yet. Just for a couple weeks. Small peace of vacation left soon.

  5. S3C
    Saturday Sep/4/2021

    peace in

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Sep/4/2021

    peace yo!

  7. S3C
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    If your comment gets flagged for spam it tells you the comment #

  8. Cyber
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    Oh! Did yours get flagged? That's good to know. Maybe a message I could modify, let users know they can reach out if it's really not spam...

  9. S3C
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    no i was referring to the comment where I advertised free penis enlargement pills

  10. S3C
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    flagged comment #5992^ maybes its the wrong # after all? or perhaps it counts the blocked comments?

  11. Cyber
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    Ah I forgot about that one. XD The one that got flagged this time was the one referencing the one that got flagged earlier lmao, #5992 above, seems to be working alright!

  12. Cyber
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    The number refers to the unique comment ID btw, not one on a specific page. It's the total count, including deleted comments, SPAM comments, everything. In total there have now been 5994 comments posted here... of which 3,172 are currently approved, so spam ratio's actually pretty low, just around 40%...

  13. S3C
    Saturday Oct/2/2021

    40% spam comments is not low...

  14. Cyber
    Sunday Oct/3/2021

    Hmm I don't know about that! Not sure what the norm is but:

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