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37 Episodes Of Lost & A Funeral

I finished the series late last night, finally, watched through two whole seasons in two days, and at the end things were getting so interesting I didn't even feel like skimming through the episodes at all. Ok, maybe a little, but very little.

As is the case with most people the ending left me pretty confused. It left me content, but still confused. At the end if kind of seemed like everybody died, but that can't be, can it? I mean, Hurley & Ben seem to survive on the island, a bunch of people seem to escape by plane, and a bunch of people don't show up at the funeral that should show up if they really were dead. Or was Christians "this is the place you all created" not as metaphorical as it seemed? Was it a real recollection of characters to get back to the isle? But why a church? What about the bright light? Was Christian the only one really moving to another life? Gaah. Too many questions.

So I Googled; that just gave me even more questions to answer. Forget that. I hope yet don't expect an official explanation. This was the kind of ending you look forward to, one where everything isn't just happy-ever-after, one that baffles. Yet still it leaves a bit to be desired. And what about the ocean sounds at the very end? When the screen goes black? Does that mean they're back at the island? That the island still exists? That they all start over? That the story goes on? Or is it just there to confuse everyone?

Anyhow, I'm leaving by plane for a funeral in a few hours, then I'll be staying with my grandmother for about a week. See you next year. :P


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