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4 Days Left

4 Days More

(shortest one-line Christmas countdown number rhyme so far, hehe)

Thanks to Barses for notifying me that I skipped a day, thus the double-post today to correct this. It's against my policy to change dates of previous posts, lol, actually it's not possible from the engine interface... and the format posts are saved in is too troublesome to work with. Well, might as well fill you in on the exiting happenings in my life since my latest post.

I've been watching the 2nd season of weeds (TV series), and I have to say they really chose to end it when it can't get any more exiting. The main character is being held at gunpoint by two rivaling weed selling gangs, just having had her pot stolen by her eldest son who just called her saying he wants in on it. One of the gangs just killed her new husband on request of her previous dealer whos son works with her. The main characters son, having a shitload of pot in the back of his car is about to be arrested by a cop for having stolen all the video cameras to make sure the place becomes drug-free and the main characters younger brother just drove away with his uncle Danny's crazy ex-girlfriend and they are now on their way to Pittsburgh.

Crazy crazy crazy, and the 3rd season hasn't started yet? What the hell are they waiting for? Also, just watched movies 3 - 5 of Hellraiser. Along with improvement of special effects over the years the story gets better and better, the last one (I've watched) being the best so far. First 2 were just sick and bloody, disgusting, and the special effects and filming were crap, the 3rd one was good tho, the 4th one was great and the 5th one was awesome. *yawn*



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