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Just passed the grand 4,000 now!

Props all the rare commenters around here, most notably now @S3C and @Biter - the former of which without a doubt contributes the most commentary around these parts - and the latter who just so happened to snag comment #4000 exactly! Wonder if he's been checkin' the stats page occasionally to time this in, if not it sure is a spectacular coincidence...

Current, published #4000, that is. With spam and occasional deletions accounted for the Count (like Dracula) is currently up at 7,171.

The last milestone was... two years ago, and before that four years before! Seems conversational pace or quantity around these parts is doubling by each milestone now.

Not that numbers like this matter more than the venting and penning this place was primarily made for, but it's always nice with some connection; attention; affirmation; comprehension; complication; condemnation; reprehension; apprehension; contemplation; preparation; devastation; while you're waiting...

If you haven't ever left a comment here before why not leave one today!

Appreciate y'all who do say hej.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Jun/23/2023

    Blast! Well dibs on 5000.

    At least people here don't delete their accounts. Though I think there are still some spam comments on old posts that you missed...

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Jun/24/2023

    Ganbatte! You may have snagged some of the previous thousandths at least!

    Some old spam I left there voluntarily in lack of real comments then too. If those are the ones you've seen, maybe I did miss some.

    On the content posterity that's definitely one thing I really appreciate about this place! Nice to have some more control over preservation; keep things as they were, when they were, or as they are, near and far, no things needlessly eliminated or edited to best suit the present presets...

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