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48 Hours To Live (2016)

48 Hours To Live (2016)

A 3D hybrid merging the genres of film noir, dance, and mystery. A loner fresh out of rehab and hunted by both sides of the law returns home to solve the murder of his sister, and finds himself entangled in a game of revenge on the LA club circuit.

This was like a dance movie with Max Payne narrative. It starts creative, fresh, with a myriad of moving images all playing to the beat, but soon falls into the same cliches you'd expect... and yet it keeps surprising!

It's almost like James Maslow learns how to act during the duration of the movie, and though the style changes drastically - and doesn't feature as many dance scenes as you'd expect from a movie of the type, it does impress, in quite a few ways.

The action's not perfect, but the plot's not as superficial as you may think. I like how it goes... even when I don't really like it.

I like the colors too. I like the vibe. I like the girls. I like the noir-like narrative and interesting twist to the common crime, dimes and nickle, movie. I like it enough to give it a good rating, but the title? That's one big mistake. Those 48 hours come into the picture way too late, and by then there's no time for urgency. So close to a four...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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