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4Got10 (2015)

Starring Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, the less known (or so I thought) but not-bad-at-all Johnny Messner and plenty of other tough guys, this movie seemed promising. And do I spot Jon Foo (that guy from Tekken) sitting by a computer?! With all this potential for awesome fighting sequences, I was expecting more fighting sequences. Alas, the most authentic action you get is the sex scene to sell. It started great, with a gritty and unexpected introduction, but after that it just gets... bad.

Maybe they ran out of budget somewhere along the way, because after the impressive introduction it all falls apart. The final fight was a real disappointment, with fake-looking muzzle flashes, cheesy choreography and acting. The script showed promise, but soon fell to cliché and unnecessarily lengthy dialog to make everyone seem as 'tough' as possible. You don't need to speak so much, I can see you're tough! And you don't need to explain all elements of the plot either, they're not that difficult to understand.

I was expecting more from the title as well. 4Got10 = Forgotten. Clever. But what about the 4? What about the 10? This is the perfect place for a hidden layer of meaning that reveals itself only when everything is over, with a foresight that gives you an added sense of respect for the creators. But no, it is what it is.

It's a shame, because this movie had potential! With a little more polish, with a little better plot progression and maybe with a little more variation in scenery and location - focus on details, it would've been above the average action on a budget. As a redeeming point, the ending did surprise. It's worth a watch maybe, but don't expect greatness.

 rated 2/5: decent


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