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5G Zombies (2020)

5G Zombies (2020)

The title says it all!

I love the theme, I love the symbolism and message, and the whirling hypnotic eyes and bit of Shungite advice weren't bad (not that Shungite water's enough to really keep you healthy) but the rest of it...

It's mostly just a collage of people ranting about 5G.

Almost like the director just asked people to freestyle on the theme from various individual locations, and then cut it all together, with a half-assed plot that overlaps at start and finish.

The idea's good but... such a crap movie.

Was hoping it'd be more on the level of Cell. If you haven't watched that it'd be better than seeing this. It might not have been made with the same intentions (I do applaud the intentions here) but you'll get it after all.

Technology: The potential for abuse is too high, and the health effects shouldn't be a compromise we don't mind making. We don't need 5G! Whether it turns us all to zombies or not, now's the time to stop it.

And never mind this movie.

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent


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