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6 Anticipated Movie Sequels 2012 Aftermath

This is just a quick rant on what I thought about the 6 movies I was looking forward to the most during the year before the last. A bit late I know, but here we go...

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 wasn't quite what I'd wished for. It didn't have the same mystique and sense of isolation as the first, nor did it have that morbid darkness and distress. It was just full of clich├ęs. I wrote a review about it.

Golden Compass 2

I already knew there wouldn't be a sequel to the The Golden Compass... but I'm still hoping!

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight was awesome. It was the best Batman movie I'd ever seen... and it still is. It took the series to the point where I'd consider even a fictional superhero like Batman a favorite, and I never had that superhero kind of raising. But The Dark Knight Rises was... not as good as I hoped. You could say it was on par with the one before it. It had an Inception-style ending as you'd expect a single movie would... not one with a sequel. It had battles that seemed surprisingly down-to-Earth and normal. It was good; in fact you could call it great (acting and filmography were both masterful), but it just wasn't as awesome as it could've been. Because Batman starts out a tired and weakened fool maybe? Well I hoped for more.

The Expendables 2

All action actors packed together in one movie. With even more of them than in the first one! I knew I'd enjoy watching this! :) Even more so than the first one. In fact, way more, not least because Arnold was in it. And JC Van Damme played a killer killer. I've been hyped up about the third one since this one... and that was almost two years ago now!

Ice Age: Continental Drift

The first Ice Age movie was great. The second was good. The third was OK. This one was good. Angelina Jolie played a tigress and... well, it was good. Not a classic, but a worthy sequel; somewhat better than the third. Even if all the main plot elements and puns keep being repeated to life. I wrote a review too.

Men In Black

Aw yeah, they're back! And still kicking butt. Even though Tommy Lee Jones has aged quite a bit since the last one, he's still got it, and of course Will Smith still has it. That goes without saying. It was a worthy sequel and (I hope) the end of the trilogy as well.

All in all? It was a good year, with some good movies, though these were far from the best ones released in 2012. Best one of the list? I'd say MIB 3. See the original post here.


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Apr/20/2016

    Two years later and still no hope that there will be a sequel to the Golden Compass. I could read the book, but it just wouldn't be the same (for me) damn PC Vatican!!

    Batman 3 was amazing- all the same Batman 2 cannot be topped. I think the movie was as about as good as anyone could possibly make it, and the depressed Batman in the beginning creates an interesting dynamic and leaves room for a new hero (Robin). Plus I think it had the best soundtrack out of all 3.

    Expendables = meh. decent action, but a sub-par plot and overall insincere production. It's basically a B-list movie played by a bunch of former cult classic characters that are past their prime as far as action movies go.

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Apr/20/2016

    Mmm, feels like my hope is starting to dim... maybe we should start a petition or something.

    Don't remember the soundtrack at all, I'll keep that in mind next time I do watch this (planning to give all three another go now that I've seen the classics). It wasn't a bad movie at all, but the fights seemed a bit tame compared to the prior, and generally everything felt toned down somehow. Definitely hard to compete with the prequel.

    Well, the story's not that special, it doesn't have much depth either, but I just really enjoy seeing all these icons of the past gathered together like this. Statham and maybe Terry seem like the only ones really still in the game, and Statham's and Jet Li's fighting choreography in this one was sublime IMO, but all action's good action. I don't see much not to like with any of the Expendable movies, though the first didn't really give each character a fair share of footage, sped up the fights too much, etc.

    I liked the third one even better btw, Wesley Snipes in particular makes a great addition. And the fourth! Rumoring both Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa! Apart from the one incredibly short airport cameo where they bump into each other, they've never been on screen at the same time before, much less together with all these other guys. I'm hyped for that one!

  3. S3C
    Wednesday Aug/14/2019

    No Golden Compass sequel but there will be a series airing this fall/winter.

  4. Cyber
    Wednesday Aug/14/2019

    Oh! :O Hadn't heard that! I'm not much of a serial person these days but maybe I'll make an exception there.

    Think I may have been overly hyped up about a potential sequel to this one mostly because it just didn't get one, though. Can't remember being amazed with the movie. But I did watch it at the movies so that probably amplified. Either way: nice!

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