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6 Anticipated Movie Sequels 2016

Similar to 2013, the movie industry seems to prefer the probably-more-profitable sequels over new and original work, because there is a lot of them this year. I'll try to keep it to just my most-anticipated 6 though.

It's a bit late, I know, but fortunately most of these still haven't come out yet... or I haven't seen them yet. I'll start with the one movie that has come out that I have seen. Here we go:

Ride Along 2

This one was a major disappointment. The Cube + Hart combination was so perfect in the first, but here they just seem stuck. Their relationship since the last movie seems to have devolved more than anything else, and Kevin Hart never shuts up.

I mean sure, it wouldn't be funny without the dialog, but there is such a thing as too much. The endless bickering and Hart's eternal goal to prove himself gets in the way of the entertainment, and they went through all of that in the first movie too.

Though these movies might not become more than a duology, I do hope they get their shit together and make a third. A good third. It can still be great. Review here.

John Wick 2

I watched the first John Wick only recently, but it instantly became one of my favorite action movies in a long time past, with its creative action choreography and wicked style. I'm not expecting this one to be as great as the former, but I am looking forward to it! You can read a review on the first one here.

Now You See Me 2

An aggravatingly small number of people (at least among critics) liked the first movie, but I loved it! Can't wait to see what magic they'll have in store for us this time, though this is one of those movies I wasn't expecting a sequel for. It didn't really need one, so I hope they don't ruin what they had with the first. You can read a review on that one here.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

16 years after the original a sequel is finally due! I did feel the hype around the first was too high, considering that kind of love-story + action combination with a speck of tragedy and sacrifice and focus on the beauty and sadness is a common thing in Asian cinema, and there are plenty of similar movies who would've done just as well in the spotlight, but didn't star as famous actors, or somehow evaded their potential Western audience.

The first wasn't bad though, and considering how acclaimed it's become since then, the pressure must be high to make something fantastic out of this one. I'm looking forward to seeing what they might achieve!

Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen are in it too, so that's something to look forward to.

Ice Age: Collision Course

The first Ice Age was awesome, the second was good, the third was not bad, the fourth was OK. The fifth? I hope it exceeds all expectations! And since that is my expectation, that might be hard to accomplish. I am looking forward to it regardless.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda is just such a charismatic character. Who doesn't like him? And Jackie Chan's a voice actor, so what could you possibly not like with this series? The combination of modern animation and Asian myth is a perfect combo too.

I'm not expecting as much from this sequel as from the first, or second (which I barely remember... did I even see it?) but no doubt it'll be entertaining.

Argh, I just couldn't keep it to just 6 after all! Here's six more:

Mechanic 2

It's a Jason Statham movie, and the first one was great. Need I say more? The old Mechanic movies would be worth a watch as well if you haven't seen them.

Underworld: Blood Wars

It's been a long time since the last one, and as far as vampire movies go, this franchise is a favorite. The action and style in the early movies had a Matrix/Blade-like tone to them, and though that has changed a bit, it's never gone bad. I'm hoping this will be just as awesome as the last.

Jack Reacher 2

Here's another action movie that's bound to be awesome, though John did leave a slightly more professional impression than Jack. Or maybe it was the other way around, and that one just went much more overboard with the action.

Either way, Tom Cruise usually delivers, and this has all the potential to be better than the original. I look forward to it.

Star Trek 3

After the first two I am pretty hyped about this! I've watched so many Star Trek movies in a short time now it's like I'm becoming a bigger fan of this than I am of Star Wars. *Knock on wood*

London Has Fallen

Here's a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. Though I'd rather have seen a sequel for White House Down - Channing Tatum killed that shit, this is the second best thing, and the switch from US to UK seems intriguing.

Jason Bourne

And last but not least, this one. Matt Damon is back! The Bourne franchise did OK without him, Jeremy Renner tried his best, but it just wasn't the same. Hopefully this will be as pure and intense as all of the first three.


Well, that it's for my most-notable. I missed a bunch of more mainstream sequels, I know, and I am looking forward to those as well! The new Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Independence Day, Captain America, X-Men, Divergent, Batman V Superman (that's not really a sequel though, is it?) and lets not forget the next Iceman 2 with Donnie Yen again.

Other sequels? I haven't seen The Huntsman yet, but The Huntsman: Winter’s War seems like a sequel as much in style with the Golden Compass as you can get - at least judging by cover images. They say Bad Santa 2 is coming out too. You know, that movie that was promised back in 2013? And the Barbershop movie with both Ice Cube and Nicki Minaj is bound to be interesting too.

All the sequels I've heard of this year seem good. I don't think there's any one I am not looking forward to. Maybe My Fat Big Greek Wedding, but I haven't seen the original yet so I wouldn't know.

Overall, it seems to be one more great year of movies; especially for action. Will they deliver? I'll let you know in a year or so.


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  1. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    I have seen less than half of those originals.

    Look forward to Jack Reacher 2, the first was awesome.

    Crouching Tiger should be good, although I cannot remember the first one at all.

    Star Trek 3 I don't really care about. The sci-fi elements and framework of the series are on par with Star Wars, but the overall movie production isn't nearly as grandiose.

    I agree, White House Down was considerably better than Olympus has Fallen. Though, I think Gerard Butler is a better actor than Channing Tatum.

    I've seen the first 3 Jason Bourne series and they were pretty decent. Above average action flicks but not cult classics.

    My Big Fat Greek's mostly what I like to call "Indian Doctor Humor". It's not really worth a watch, I'd put it near the end of your movie watching queue.

  2. Cyber
    Friday May/6/2016

    Still not a bad amount! Most of the originals here are pretty new too. I wonder how many people can match my movie-watching mania hmm...


    lmao, me neither. Well, I remember the poison, and a fight on bamboo, and the fall through the clouds. Bits and pieces.

    Have you seen the newer two, from 2009/2013? The old I agree had pretty sub-par everything (though they were still good), but the latter two! :O <- Expression of awe. Probably more so because I didn't really have that high expectations of the Star Trek franchise when I saw those. Made me a fan quick, though. Yeah, just like Megamind > Despicable Me, and yet the second got the sequel, some things are just not fair... also agree about Gerard Butler. I like Channing more for his character/charisma, like Statham and Cube, but they're more great personalities than great actors IMO. Action movies seem to have a lot of such people.

    They felt so authentic though, compared to most. Spy movies without all the fictional gadgetry and explosive finales. At least that's the impression I had back then. Been a while.

    Can't say I have anything against a good dose of "Indian Doctor Humor"! :P But I feel some American comedys just go too far, like eh... hmm... that one trilogy where that group of guys goes to Vegas and everything gets crazy, in the latest segment a giraffe gets decapitated on the highway... does that sound familiar? The name just won't pop up. :/ About my movie-watching queue btw, it's getting out of control. O_o Thinking maybe should I should just start a fresh list with the most important stuff instead:

    Scary Movie 1-5
    Iron Man 3
    Monsters Movies
    Street Fighter
    Stand By Me
    Rain Man
    Teen Wolf
    Look Who’s Back
    Friends with Benefits
    Remember Me
    IP-Man 3
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Seven Psychopaths (2012)
    Planet of the Apes (1968)
    Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
    Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)
    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
    Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)
    Dark Angel
    Legend tom cruise
    Superman (all)
    Robocop 1-3
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    The Omega Man (1971) I Am Legend based on this
    The Last Man on Earth (1964)
    Lords of Dogtown
    Legends of Tomorrow
    Harlock: Space Pirate (2013)
    Green Inferno
    The Book of Eli (2010)
    Extinction (2015)
    The Road (2009)
    Filmen om Copyswede
    Born to Race?
    Despicable Me 2? Minions?
    Dumb & Dumber?
    Fast & Furious? rev first three
    Hunger Games Mockinjay pt2?
    Mortal Kombat 2,3, etc?
    Night at the museum 1-2
    Race 2 (2013) prequel?
    Rocky 1, 5-latest?
    The Whore?
    The Mark redemption prequel?
    Thor prequel? sequel?
    The Magnificent Seven Ride (1972) rev
    RESIDENT EVIL rev first 4, latest?
    DIE HARD MOVIES rev first 4
    X-MEN rev first 6
    SCARFACE newer?
    More Dynamo?
    Basic Instinct
    She Hate Me
    Color of Night
    Romance (1999)
    Kids (1995)
    Showgirls (1994)
    9 1/2 Weeks (1986)
    The Blue Lagoon (1980)
    In The Realm Of The Senses (Ai no corrida) (1976)
    Caligula (1979)
    Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS (1975)
    The Replacement Killers
    Elite Killer
    The Day the Earth stood still
    Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)
    Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)

  3. S3C
    Saturday May/7/2016

    I've only seen a handful of those that you listed. I would definitely put Book of Eli at the top!! Great dystopian flick. You should remove The Green Inferno, trust me. Dumb & Dumber is a classic but Napoleon Dynamite's probably the best comedy movie on that list IMO. Scary Movie is good, but it's all sophomoric, stupid humor that parodies popular movies. I'd say the 2nd one is the best, and the style gets tired by the 4th and 5th movies. Friends with Benefits is an entertaining romantic comedy. Iron Man 3 was a bit disappointing and overhyped, but I'm largely impartial to the first two. The Day the Earth Stood Still has an interesting sci-fi concept but the acting leaves a little to be desired. Caligula is the only 3-D movie supergandhi likes

  4. Cyber
    Saturday May/7/2016

    The Day the Earth Stood Still is my nephews favorite movie of all time, so that's why that's on the list... oh wait, no, that was War of The Worlds. Man, I'll need to add that one too...

    I've seen some of these before, like the Scary Movies and Iron Man 3, but that was before I started reviewing everything I watch. Going back to some of those for the sake of completion. I thought the first Iron Man was great, but the latter two didn't have much new to offer. Agree with the Scary Movies too, though the 4th was something else IMO, Simon Rex and Charlie Sheen both did a great job with that one. Caligula is 3-D?! :O

    These are listed in no particular order btw, I just add in titles at random when I get recommendations/stumble upon something. And thanks for the tips! Will check out Book of Eli soon I think.

    And that unanswered question man: wonder if you did see any of the newer Star Trek movies?

    Also, that movie I couldn't recall the name of: The Hangover. That's just not my type of humor. I guess party humor in general is not my type of humor. I just don't relate to the notion of getting shitfaced as fun. But maybe it's just how they portray it, there are exceptions, like: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

  5. S3C
    Wednesday Sep/14/2016

    much delicate curating was done in developing this list while the Cyberdevil goes on his annual sabbatical to the Great White Norths...and I had some time. I present to you: the top ten semi-obscure must-watch movies that Cyberdevil should add to the top of his stack!

    1. The Man From Nowhere: A brutal, moving story with equal parts gun and martial arts action. Lots of violence, lots of disturbing plot elements, it is truly a gripping movie, which I think will fit your palate quite nicely seeing how you like Asian action flicks. This one is more intense then most. The film is Korean, and I watched it with subtitles. I think a Hollywood version is in the works, too.

    2. Vanilla Sky: My favorite Tom Cruise movie, what seems to start out as a silly, romantic movie evolves into a much deeper, philosophical romantic story that is depressing, humorous, adventurous, that overall follows an unusual path with unexpected sci-fi elements.

    3. The Island: A highly interesting sci-fi film. Some parts are a bit generic, and the premise as a whole doesn't seem that remarkable, but their are indescribable elements about the film that make it a better than average watch.

    4. The Replacement Bureau: A fun, modern romantic drama that has subtle Matrix inspirations. The movie is based on a story written by Philip K. Dick (who also wrote Blade Runner, Total Recall and it's spiritual sequel Minority Report) and the movie does a good job of interlacing the secondary sci-fi aspects quite well.

    5. Pandorum: an interesting, sci-fi, space thriller with decent action scenes, an eerie isolated atmosphere, and a story that becomes increasingly existential.

    6. Constantine: a unique superhero-flick experience, that plays to Keanu Reeves somewhat limited strengths as an actor rather well. Fun, slightly frightening, with dark religious undertones.

    7. Dark City: definitely a one of a kind, original film! The visuals and effects are slightly subpar, but the plot and overall premise makes up for the film. It's an overlooked movie that not many people have watched...but the Matrix and Inception drew ideas from this movie, so if you are a big fan of those Dark City is a must watch.

    8. 9: Movie with the shortest name ever! Or at least ties for the shortest title in all film, music, and literary history. This is the only animated film on this list. The characters are cute and friendly, which contrasts with the dystopian plot and action scenes. Good voice acting and exceptional animation; to me the film has a slight Alice-in-Wonderland vibe to it. Definitely stands out amongst other animated films.

    9. Se7en- a truly frightening, gruesome, and hair-raising thriller. Probably my favorite crime flick of all time. It's not really all that obscure (it's certainly the most successful film on the list, by popular movie metrics/reviews and box office grossing) but it was released over two decades ago.

    10. Warm Bodies- a romantic, zombie movie. The storyline is genuine, the humor isn't forced. It stands out amongst the slew of other dystopian, generic zombie movies that have been released in the last decade.

    Movies that you probably watched, but haven't left an explicit review: End of Days, Four Brothers

    Honorable Mentions (not obscure): Watchmen (wtf! this is a classic superhero film, with production quality that is on Christopher Nolan's level), Total Recall (the 1990 film for the storyline and humor, the 2012 film for the impressive visuals), Minority Report (if you liked Total Recall), The Fifth Element (a classic sci-film- Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker as a character with an ambiguous gender and sexuality..what's not to love)

  6. S3C
    Wednesday Sep/14/2016

    and yes I saw one of the newer Star Trek movies. Or part of it. The one with Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Karl "permanent frown" Urban. Jada Pinkett Smith and Harold from Harold and Kumar were also in the movie.

  7. Cyber
    Saturday Sep/17/2016

    Ahhh let's see which titles I haveth not yet seen in this carefully selected selection!

    1. The Man From Nowhere: I actually haven't seen this one! :D Looks promising. Thought it seemed familiar, but I'm pretty sure there's another movie with a similar name and plot that I can nae find right now... something like Mr. Nobody (which turns out is an entirely different movie). Interesting...

    2. Vanilla Sky: I've seen this one. Don't remember it much though... I think I've pretty much seen all Tom Cruise movies by now. Pretty much. Even Legend (1985). Since I have no review for it I guess I'll add it to the queue.

    3. The Island: I've seen this one too. It wasn't bad, but I didn't get any fantastic impressions from it. Good action; a bit like Aeon Flux/Equilibrium/that type of movie.

    4. The Replacement Bureau: Another promising title that's evaded my eye! Will watch.

    5. Pandorum: Seen this one too, though it was a while ago. Good pick.

    6. Constantine: And this one! Had a Keanu Reeves marathon back in the day; I think Speed turned out my favorite. This one's good, though.

    7. Dark City: Hmmm not this one! Looks good.

    8. 9: Should've had this as #9, and #9 as #7. :P As for the movie: I saw it on the year it premiered, though was a bit disappointed... not sure why. Fuzzy memories. (And that tie, I guess, is V? There's W too: a George Bush documentary. Probably plenty of ties here... and in W there were plenty of ties! I mean literally.)

    9. Se7en: Also seen, though long time ago.

    10. Warm Bodies: Hmm another interesting pick (I've yet to see)!

    Yeah, I've seen both of those. Four Brothers was great! End of Days... OK. You can find my old lists of watched movies here btw, there's a lot more listed (but few reviews):

    ...a bunch of those shouldn't really class as "watched" though. I was in a phase where I just wanted to watch as much as possible, and eventually started just skimming through movies that weren't intense enough. Eventually realized enjoying a movie was more important than the viewcount and started watching just movies I wanted to watch, and here I am now! All wise, watchful aaand still addicted to numbers...

    The 2009 one can't class as a classic yet can it...? It was great though! One of those doesn't-end-as-you-thought-it-would movies. Yesss, Total Recall were both great in their own ways! :D And Minority Report and Fifth Element too. I really need to add reviews to more of them classics, but I've watched most of them more than once already so... maybe later. Will give all of the ones you mentioned a view and review though, even the ones I have seen were seen so long ago so: fresh impressions. Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. Cyber
    Saturday Sep/17/2016

    Cool. Both Harold AND Kumar? Huh. I just remember the Asian guy... the whole Harold and Kumar trilogy was pretty entertaining too btw. Teetering on the edge between the 21 Jump Street style of extremely exaggerated but still hilarious humor and the more tasteless Hangover type I don't really like. More like the former though. Good movies.

  9. Cyber
    Wednesday Sep/28/2016

    Turns out I hadn't seen Vanilla Sky at all, I was thinking of Tequila Sunrise. :| Which wasn't with Tom Cruise either... but either way, this was MUCH better! Review coming soon.

    Both The Island and Constantine impressed too, Hope #9 turns out the same.

  10. S3C
    Friday Oct/7/2016 now I have to suggest five more titles since you've seen five in my list: how about Never Let Me Go (a depressing sci-fi drama), Sex Drive (an underrated adventure-comedy from 2008), Good Will Hunting (a clever Matt Damon and Robin Williams classic), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (a cunning Tim Burton musical- great music and an engaging plot, and I normally don't like musicals), The Next Three Days (not sure what it is about this one, but it's a thriller that personally raised my hairs...also Elizabeth Banks in a serious role for once. her talent is often somewhat wasted on silly comedies)

    Vanilla Sky was my third favorite movie of this year, behind Cloud Atlas and The Golden Compass.

    lol no, just Harold from the Harold & Kumar series. Harold is the Asian one right? Kumar is more of a middle eastern name that fits the middle-eastern guy or whatever the hell race he is lol.

    classic = at least 4 years old. It's no longer in theaters obviously. The DVD sales have settled. It's broadcasted on video streaming sites and featured on cable TV. Unless the movie is that good, in which case it becomes an instant classic.

    No but on the real though, true classics pass the test of time. So any movies that have been released in our lifetime- we can never call them classics. The art has to be able to separate itself from a culture, fame, and all the nostalgia and unrelated elements which superficially inflates its value. Only then, can a work of art be deemed a true classic.

    hmm, maybe End of Days calls for a re-watch then?? If you liked Constantine. Same type of material. Less of superhero-comic feel though. More humorous and surprising.

  11. Cyber
    Friday Oct/7/2016

    Seems like this might turn into one of those lists I just can't complete no matter what. :P Well, I shall add them to my list! I've only seen Good Will Hunting and Sweeney Todd out of these five you mention, though also a long time ago and yet without review. Sweeney Todd was amazing. Anything with Tim Burton is amazing. Good Will Hunting was great too, albeit pretty depressing I think. The others sound interesting!

    Ah, nice. Still haven't posted the review I realize. This week...

    Right. Alrighty, then it was as I thought it was. :)

    I feel like a classic deserves to be more unique than that. Something flawless. Something in IMDBs Top 250. Or something old - preferably black and white. Something that paved the way for movies to come, made a genre, or had a profound social impact that changed something in the world. Something like that.

    Ah, right, that defines it! The definite classic. Something so very few titles will ever manage to be.

    It's on my list too. :) I think I liked Constantine a lot more though. It has a bit more attitude. A happier ending too. From what I remember of End of Days it was pretty depressing... but we shall see! I'll let you know when I watch it, if you don't see that I've seen it.

  12. S3C
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    well then I have two more to add on the third edit of teh about Mothman Prophesies (a somewhat obscure classic thriller/horror film of the early 2000s done right; should have replaced Warm Bodies in my original list) and Jack the Giant Slayer (a decent, modernized cinematic take on Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, that feels slightly Alice in Wonderland and LOTR influenced in regards to its overall production)

  13. Cyber
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    Haven't seen either of those two! Will do.

  14. Cyber
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    Btw, hope you noticed I'd reviewed End of Days too. Still a few of the others waiting on extra time though, might be a while.

  15. S3C
    Thursday Nov/3/2016

    oh cool my list is finally complete XD...yeah I saw your reviews on the movies I recommended (amongst others), just haven't commented on it (yet).

  16. Cyber
    Thursday Nov/3/2016

    Still missing four of the original recommendations, three of the additional ones there, four from #10 and two from #12. I'll get there though, some day... assuming you don't have an eternal supply of recommends even after those! ;) Coolio. Thanks for reading.

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