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60 Watched VHS Reviews

A while (read: a few years) back I gave away a box of old VHS movies. I took images of them all before I did though, and they've been lying around gathering dust for a while (but not as long as those VHS tapes!). But here they are, accompanied with short commentaries for those deserving of them. Why did I give the movies away, you ask? Lack of space, and VHS is unfortunately a format devoid of all future purpose. Same thing with DVD, but at least they take less space, and people still buy those. Anyway, here you go, alphabetical order:

3 Way

3-Way. I don't think I ever watched this one.

48 Timmar

48 hours. The eighties had a lot of good action movies like this that weren't really special but still packed a lot of that-one-thing-that-a-good-action-movie-actually-needs: good action. Even more impressive is the fact that they didn't use any digital effects. The blood, the explosions, the crashes - it's all real. Even if it is staged. That's what I like about this era! This one movie didn't stand out much though, it was just one of many. It features a couple of detectives, one white one black - one reckless one regular, and probably a not-so-memorable plot since it's long forgotten.

America's Sweethearts

Americas Sweethearts. Nah... not my type of movie. Did I... actually buy this?


Anaconda. Jennifer Lopez stars in this thriller. It takes place deep within the Amazon jungle and features a bunch of stranded tourists and a lot of snakes. Not scary, but good!

Anger Management

Anger Management. I heard a lot of hype about this one before I watched it, but it wasn't as crazy as I expected it to be. Still good though.

Apornas Planet

Planet of The Apes. Classic.

Beyond The Mat

Beyond The Mat was a documentary on Wrestling. At the time I watched it I thought it was pretty good, but since I watched The Wrestler a couple of years back this old movie seems to have lost it's finesse. It's mixed footage and interviews. Only something for fans. And I don't know if I am... yet.

Cape Fear

Cape Fear. Crappy thriller with IMHO undeserved hype.

Champion Killer

Champion Killer. A really crappy thriller/action movie. There's probably going to be a lot of these in the list...

Children Of The Corn 3

Children of The Corn III. Another crappy thriller. The story would have been much better if they skipped the special effects, because at the time this movie was produced they weren't very good at those. What could have been a good movie is a not very good movie at all. Good thing they recently started a new production of this old series, the new ones are MUCH better! It's a B-movie, but it's a good B-movie. It doesn't have much action, but enough to make it exiting, and the acting/plotting/etc wasn't bad. I was positively surprised. Just checked out the domain with the same name just now btw and... there's nothing there. :/ Disappointing.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer. This is one of the few movies in this list (if not the only... I'm writing these reviews as I go so I can't be sure) that I've watched more than once. Not only because it stars Jet Li but because it's a good movie. It has a good plot, good actors and good action, and it's not one of Jet Li's modern Americanized attempts at martial arting. Pure HK action still beats anything Hollywood can budget up!

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