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60 Watched VHS Reviews

Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor. Crappy thriller. If I don't remember wrong, the plot was similar to Cape Fear (listed above).

Dead Or Alive

Dead Or Alive. When I watched this movie I didn't know who Rutger Hauer was, but I know now! He's an awesome dude, and this was... a pretty good movie. Not to be confused with the slightly more modern DOA flick with chicks (which was much much better and totally different).

Deathrace 2000

Deathrace 2000. If you've seen the newer Death Race movies there's really no reason to go back to the old. Apart from some interesting costumes and cars... it sucks. Crappy everything from what I recall.

De Sista Äventyrarna

De Sista Äventyrarna AKA The Last Adventurers: A movie about a couple of old dudes venturing into the jungle in search for adventures! That's about as much as I remember about it... which is more than I remember about most of these so I assume it was OK. :)

Down To Earth

Down To Earth. A Chris Rock comedy about life and death and decisions. It was OK.


Who hasn't heard of Dune? Dune 2000 was a legendary game, and the movie might've been one of the earliest game to movie adaptions ever made. The sceneries were elaborate and the futuristic technology far from rusty and rustic, even though it did have to abide by the technical limitations of the time in which it was made. Thus not the most surreal and inspiring experience, albeit a fairly interesting one.


Empire. A story of drugs, crime and corruption featuring this one actor I don't recall the name of but like the movies of. It was good!

End Of Innocence

End Of Innocence. I always confuse this one with the 'End of Days' with Arnold Swharrzehowdoyouspellthatnegger. Can't recall much of it.


Entrapment. Here's a good action flick for a change, the type of movie I'd spend most of time watching these days, featuring Sean Connery and some other actors, IDK, featuring a grand heist and all that stuff. It wasn't the best, but it was good!


Evolution. I remember sex and a strange; violent future Dystopia. Hmm...

Face Off

Face/Off! Though I'm typing in these mini-reviews (if you can call them that) through the code editor, with the cover images displayed only as unimpressionable strings of text and URL matter, I can recall this cover clearly. It's a black background, with two faces, and in large red/white text 'John Travolta' aaand... I had to take a peek for that second name: Nicholas Cage! It's like Double Impact, but with different actors. There's the good guy, and the bad guy, and one of them changes his face. From my hurried description it might not sound like it, but it was: a good movie!

Future Murderer

Future Murderer. Crappy B-movie thriller.

Gunnar Govin

Gunnar Govin. This is supposedly a Swedish comedy, it was sold at such a low price (a few cents a piece) that I had to buy it though I knew I had no intention of actually watching it. One day I pondered watching it, looked up a few crap reviews and flushed the idea. No disrespect to Gunnar Govin, but it just didn't feel very inspiring. Relevant future note(s) to self: Don't waste cents, follow instincts, live your life, have a nice day.

In Dreams

In Dreams. Not sure about this one. I think it was good, but memory's fuzzy... it's like I watched it in dreams...

In Too Deep

Aw yeah, oldskool hardcore action featuring the one and only DMX! In Too Deep. I don't think I've seen a single movie of his I didn't enjoy, and this was no exception. Wait a minute, it wasn't DMX, it was LL Cool J! Same thing with him I guess.

Into The Mirror

Maybe you've seen Mirrors? This is the movie it was based upon, a true horror movie in traditional Asian packaging. It has blood, gruesome, creep, surprising; all of those things you need for shock value. Add to that a superb script dealing with the history of mirrors and the potential for a parallel world behind them, and you have a masterful movie that makes you look just a little suspiciously at yourself next time you happen to glance at your reflection. Or maybe start avoiding mirrors completely.

Jönsson Ligans Största Kupp

Jönsson Ligan is probably not a series of movies most of you humble visitors know about (I'm assuming here that most of you humble visitors are from America - which my visitor logs show), but if you live in Sweden you'd know it's a classic! Jönsson Ligan is that band of theifs and crooks and criminals (well, there's just three of them, usually) which never get caught, but never really get away either. It's one of few Swedish series of comedies I've always enjoyed watching, and I've probably seen the entire series a few times over by now. It's been a while. Wouldn't mind seeing this one again.

Knockaround Guys

Knockaround Guys is a story about some of those tough guys who work for Mafia guys. Good watch.

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  1. S3C
    Monday Jun/1/2020

    don't talk sh*t about least if you kept them in good condition they were reliable. Just like DVDs. Nowadays with digital and streaming you often get glitches and connection/lag issues. I miss these simpler times...In fact, I still used VHS in 2014 to tape basketball games that I missed while at work, and it worked up to 2015 or so (hey it lasted around two decades)

    But here my comments are, accompanied with short commentaries for those deserving of them:

    End Of Innocence: Hey Tom Arnold was in movie with Arnold I think...True Lies was it. Well this one looks good. Hopefully as good as End of Days.

    Entrapment: Looks like I movie I'd like to get back into watching these days

    Evolution: Looks dumb as hell

    Face/Off: A classic 90s action film!

    Future Murderer: That cover though shows a bit of promise

    Gunnar Govan: When did you buy it

    In Dreams: Looks promising...Robert Downey Jr. is in it, sounds promising

    In Too Deep:

    Into the Mirror: Can't go wrong with Asian horror movies

    3-Way: Never heard of it. Those are some borderline B-list actors that I think many people wouldn't have heard of. But there's a guy with sunglasses, a pretty lady, and the words 'thriller' and 'sex'. Might as well give it a chance one of these days.

    48 hours: Can't go wrong with multiracial action/comedy cop flicks.

    Americas Sweethearts: You bought it cuz it was 25 cents...looks stupid

    Anaconda: I remember when this came out, it was one of J-Lo's first movies. The only good movie she's been in that I recall is The Cell.

    Anger Management. Can't go wrong with Jack Nicholson. But like most Sandler movies, it's something to have on in the background at your friend's house, paying casual attention to it at best.

    Planet of The Apes: Apornas? cool, Swedish vocabulary upgraded

    Beyond The Mat: Fake and gay, like wrestling.

    Cape Fear: never heard of it

    Champion Killer: what did you expect with a title and no-name actors like that

    Children of the Corn III: I was gonna say, never seem 'em but I thought these were considered classics..maybe just the books Looks underrated...anyone with differing opinion must be conspiring

    Contract Killer: gotta check this one out

    Dark Harbor: was it really bad? Alan Rickman tho.

    Dead or Alive: A Swedish classic? *Looks Rutger Hauer up* oh wait he's Dutch...Never seen the chick flick, looks dumb, but the Japanese Action flick Dead or Alive (1999) looks watch-worthy

    Death Race 2000: the new movie was pretty underwhelming itself

    The Last Adventurers: Not much exciting about old dudes in a

    Down to Earth: I've seen this one. It's ok.

    Dune 2000: Never heard of it, but interesting cover.

    Empire: Looks like one to watch.

    crap, lost the rest of my comments...maybe i'll re-type them some time

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/2/2020

    But the thing is they rely on thin magnetic tape for storage, and overtime they both lose their capacity and deteriorate in quality. Same thing with normal tapes. DVD might be a bit more resilient depending on material, but usually those aren't built to last either. Nothing of this is built to last, not like vinyl. :/ I do like VHS though, even if it's probably more nostalgia than anything else. Took so long to rewind 'em too, though now even remembering that is like a fond memory of those simpler times you mention...

    Wait wait, 2014-2015 = two decades...?

    End Of Innocence: Ah nice, didn't remember seeing him there, been a while since I saw any Arnold classics now. This one though: not sure it was that good at all...

    Entrapment: Yupp. Surprised I didn't comment on the very enticing cover too. Probably saw it as even more enticing back when I saw it.

    Evolution: But was actually pretty fun... if I'm not confusing it with Teenage Cavemen.

    Face/Off: Hell yeah! Didn't realize how iconic it was here.

    Future Murderer: Deceiving things, covers are...

    Gunnar Govan: I used to order a lot of cheap movies/music off of They still have a pretty good selection, and a lot of old or B-movie titles that go for one or two dollars. Back in the day sometimes they went for even less, like this one. The cheapest ones were ten cents or half a dollar. Good times, though due to cheap prices and a suddenly awakened interest in movies I bought way too much stuff too quickly and didn't really have room for all of it...

    In Dreams: Woah! Might need to revisit...

    In Too Deep:

    Into the Mirror: This one's still a favorite. Really really good.

    3-Way: Might've been my thoughts exactly.

    48 hours: When you go back and watch movies like this do you ever get irked by them being too racial? Segregation? Stereotypes? All that shizzle? I do enjoy 'em though, just a thought that comes to mind every time I see one now...

    Americas Sweethearts: I'm really not sure though! My sister bought movies too back in the day. Me buying a romantic movie back in the day just seems very unlikely, cheap price or no...

    Anaconda: I remember this one being pretty good too though, a B-movie but still enjoyable. Have watched (and reviewed it I believe...) again since this. But you're right The Cell was a whole other level! Really realized she could act with that one.

    Anger Management: Pretty much yupp.

    Planet of The Apes: Haha yeah. XD All ape-related vocabulary is pretty recognizable too. Gorrila = Gorilla. Oh hey it's not just similar either!

    Beyond The Mat: Maaaan you don't like wrestling at all? Ever seen ECW?

    Cape Fear: You're not missing out!

    Champion Killer: Not sure. Probably violence.

    Children of the Corn III: They were considered classics, but indeed the books might be the ones with a better rep. Or people still consider these classics but haven't seen them again since they came out; don't remember really how bad they were back then... to be fair though I did just see the third. Maybe the beginning was better. Might've had less special effects then too. Fo rizzle.

    Contract Killer: Hell yeah! A few other recommended Jet Li classics if you haven't seen 'em:

    Dark Harbor: At least that was my impression back then... can't say for certain. What's interesting is some of these movies bring forth way clearer memories now than I seemed to have of them back when I wrote this post. Like I'm becoming an old man and remembering the past better than the present now... not this one though. Hazy recollections of a dark harbor, a thriller-like setting a bit like The Watcher but with a bit more water, a girl and a psycho... it might've been alright. Might've been average. Not sure.

    Dead or Alive: If you haven't heard of Rutger Hauer you have some watching to do. :) The 1999 one was great too, but DOA 2006 is really underrated. It's just like the game. Much sex appeal but appreciatively stylistic action scenes too, a good cast, plenty of martial arts, I wouldn't mind watching it again. It might be a bit superficial plot-wise but it's thoroughly enjoyable. IMO really underrated, looking at the IMDB for it now... btw I don't know why I say BUT. Personally I do appreciate the sex appeal too. Goes well with the characters/stylistic scenery. It's just that type of movie.

    Rutger Hauer though:

    Aaand maybe that's the only one I've reviewed so far... I'd recommend Blind Fury (1989) and Split Second (1992) too though. His most known role might've been in The Hitchhiker, and more recently in Hobo With A Shotgun (not that good, but a fun homage to his old movies when you know him). He's been in some pretty diverse; iconic titles over the years but still managed to stay pretty underground somehow.

    Death Race 2000: The latest one? I liked the Jason Statham remake, but newer ones... yeah. Bit disappointing.

    The Last Adventurers: Actually this is one of those I seem to remember more of now, and pretty fondly. Maybe time's skewed my memories though. It probably wasn't the most fast-paced flick but it felt authentic, real sceneries, real animals, just a real escape from current times; back to that jungle. Though may require re-watch to confirm potentially solely nostalgic sentiments.

    Down to Earth: Yeah... really thought it'd be better. Had potential. Bit like Bruce Almighty but just with a lot less energy and flare.

    Dune 2000: Ever heard of the game? You could compare it a bit to Mad Max, but a lot slower. Dystopian landscapes without an army of suicidal warriors therein. Like an ambient Mad Max, maybe.

    Empire: If I remember correctly it's good but a bit depressing. No happy endings.

    Damn. :/ Might continue this thread later on then too...

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