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7000 Posts!

7000 Posts!

We just reached 7,000 posts! Huzzah! Banzai! Oohrah! Yay!

That's thirteen years at a pace of over five hundred posts per year! And the first year doesn't really count. There was no blog then.

It's a bit more than a year since the last four-digit-with-three-trailing-zeroes accomplishment - which was less than a year after the previous, but I'm still pretty happy with this pace. Weekly project posts instead of daily ones might have slowed the tempo a bit, as well as the lack of weeklies, though I think I've made up for a bit of those with posts in other categories, like plenty of music.

As far as post counts go 2014 was by far the most active year, followed closely by 2016 and 2009, with 2015 and 2010 each a bit further down. All other years are far below, and at the current pace this year will be just above that average, though I do have a backlog of drafts and older content waiting to be put online so... who knows. Time's the limit.

2017 might not be a year competing in the contenders for most post top spots, but there's been plenty of interesting things going on lately, and I hope that's reflected in the reads. Quality, not quantity! I hypocrize.

What is impressive however is that I've written an additional quarter million words since the last one! That's a 25% increase in words posted, despite this being just a 14.2% increase in total posts. Longer but lesser posts? Between 2015 and 2016 the word count rose by just 150,000, and before that... who knows. I assume less, considering there's plenty of years between which to split the first million.

In other statual news we also recently hit 2000 comments, 1111 reviews, and 7500 downloads - the latter which, considering my download links are still a big mess and mostly non-existent, is a surprising feat! Probably all thanks to search bots.

But statual post accomplishments or no, I'm happy to still be writing at a steady pace; chronicling life on such a regular basis. CDB's 13 year anniversary is what we should really be celebrating, right? Though next year sounds like a better number, double lucky number seven and all. And if the post rate drastically increases: maybe another thousand post landmark as well! Until then.


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