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7:48 To Duved...

I'm off! 7:12 hour train ride. 7:48. See y'all in a bit.


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  1. biterr
    Tuesday Mar/21/2023

    See ya

  2. Cyber
    Friday Mar/24/2023


  3. biterr
    Friday Mar/24/2023

    Hiya! General category in NG BBS got SHUT DOWN!!!!

  4. Cyber
    Friday Mar/24/2023

    IIiiya missed the Hiyaopportunity!

    Yeppp I saw it. :/ Sad times at NG... feels like the Supporter Party COULD become a bit of a replacement for General, but it's not free for all... I hope this isn't partially just a way to get more supporters. I can understand their reasoning, looking at what kind of threads the place thrived on lately, but still...

    All forums have a general forum for such general things. I hope they don't end up exiling a large portion of the userbase with this...

  5. Cyber
    Friday Mar/24/2023

    Btw 'page not found' on

  6. biterr
    Saturday Mar/25/2023

    oops! It's

  7. Cyber
    Saturday Mar/25/2023

    Ah I should've known that. Your site's evolving!

    Nice tower.

  8. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/29/2023

    Wooooah Sweden? Are ya? Wonder if that line-up of flags relates to actual flight destinations/if they even correspond to individual gates somehow, would be really cool if so.

    Where you headed S3C?

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