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9 (2009)

Here's another movie I'd watched before that was better than I remembered. It tells a tale of a dark and dystopian world, where nine small brave souls are left to ward off a mechanical evil.

It's symbolic in so many ways. Yet what made it cool wasn't simply the fight between hand-crafted characters and a remnant of the old war - between the new and the curious, and the monsters of the past, or those small exotic lifeforms that seem to share a soul, but the story that's not told, or the little of it that is. What happened to the world to leave it in such a state? What happened to the rest of it? And a dying inventor breathing life into such an unlikely little species in the wake of a dead world... where does it all go from there?

This is their story. It's wondrously animated, and though it's animated it doesn't really feel like a fairy tail for the whole family. It's dark, but beautiful. Not crude or violent, but still... it's got a pretty depressing vibe to it, even after all those beautiful moments. It also has a female that doesn't look like a female... which was different even for an animated film. I guess a relationship between two parts of the same soul would be a bit... taboo.

The characters overall are a creatively crafted bunch, each with their own strength and weakness, and their foe is a nameless one, without motive. Or... does he have one? For a tale that's told, it feels like surprisingly much is left to wonder and behold.

Overall a strange and refreshing tale, of a lost world full of danger and brevity, but brave souls as well.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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