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9 Songs (2004)

9 Songs (2004)

9 Songs is all sex and sound. Concert footage of 9 songs intertwined with intimate scenes where they hide nothing at all. In one year, they go through it all. They love, they argue - they ride the rollercoaster of emotions and passion, and then it's over. Then she goes back home, and he goes to the South Pole, and the concert ends, and he tells the story.

It's uncensored to the point you could call it either artsy, or plain porn, but the focus is not so much on the sensual side as it is on the relation, and what turns out be just a memory: the one guy on a mountain, remembering Lisa, and their one-sided love affair. A slice of love and life story you'll probably rarely see as a movie. It's not one I'd watch again, probably, but it wasn't bad.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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