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A Bittersweet Life (2005)

A Bittersweet Life (2005)

Why do Asian movies always have to be so sad?

Can't complain though, it's a good thing in a movie, and this is a great movie. The action starts out regular, with punches and kicks, goes up a notch with knifes and sharp objects, and ends with guns and intensive mayhem. All through the movie the gore stays realistic, bloody, yet realistic. Smoke trails, small explosions and carnage are in a perfect balance between realism and wanted special effects... though I do wonder how the main character so often manages to hit people's legs or feet, he should be aiming at the torso, legs and feet are hard to hit.

Anyhow, the story is about a gangster, working for his boss, sent out on a routine mission to keep an eye on a girlfriend of the boss, things don't go as planned and all hell breaks loose, though. The movie is shot from some really interesting angles, like from the back side of a car while it's driving, and with the main character far away in the background while some other characters stumble around after a car crash.

It's not only the angles that are different but also the events in the movie, small details like really savoring a chocolate dessert or speaking about how the branches aren't stirred by the wind, but by your heart and soul.

Everything is connected, and everything is well made. The dialogues are intelligent, relevant, the actors all do an amazing job, you can really relate or feel for everyone in the movie and along with great plot and filming the action always stays just intense enough to keep the suspense up. But it's a mild suspense, you won't be sitting at the edge of your chair, you'll be at peace, yet still waiting, expectantly, for whatever comes next.

Apart from Attack The Gas Station this is my favorite Korean movie so far. The main character is the same as the villain in The Good, The Bad, The Weird btw. This is the second movie I've seen him in, yet it is clear that he is a great actor, not just when playing evil and crazy (though he certainly is crazy in this movie).

This one gets a

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Really, great, movie.


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