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A Bunch Of Passed November Days!

So many days I planned to post about, but didn't get around to!

First there was November 11, which is pretty cool because: 11/11. Not that big a deal, I know but... it seemed worth posting about at the time.

Then there was Cheesecake Day! The 14th. Monday. It's a day where you're meant to enjoy this great delicacy. That we did, and it was great! Though I mixed together the weeks so we celebrated that this week. ARGH! WRONG DAY! Oh well.

Also note, that to quote Wikipedia: Swedish-style cheesecake differs greatly from other cheesecakes. A Swedish cheesecake is not layered and is traditionally produced by adding rennet to milk and letting the casein coagulate. It is then baked in an oven and served warm. [...] Swedish-style cheesecake is traditionally served with jam and whipped cream. There are two different types of Swedish cheesecake from different regions in Sweden. To avoid confusion with other cheesecakes, Swedish cheesecake is usually called ostkaka.

Just so that's clear.

They've got the whipped cream part wrong though. For us - and for everyone we know, it's always been jam and nothing else. For us in particular: cloudberry jam. We usually don't eat this particular meal on this one particular day, by the way, but this year I happened to glance at the calender and see there was a day for this one particular meal, so why not.

I wonder who made that a calender-notable day though. Cheesecake suppliers making deals with those who manufacture calenders now? It felt similar to that time I tried to catch a UN Pastry, as in it seemed a special occasion not many were really aware of. Fortunately for us, cheesecakes are always obtainable, and this week at a rebate no less!

The Downtime Day

And then, the day right after that day (right after the day we ate our cheesecake) there was what I was so creatively planning to title The Downtime Day - in a blog dedicated to its causerie. On this particular day NG was down for the better half of the day - and I roamed the Internet lost and confused until it finally resurfaced. Then somewhere between 10-11 PM my own site went down. Over an hour downtime at least. Probably much more. No notice from my host. I went to sleep, and when I came to... it was back! Still no notice.

Black Friday On GOG!

Most recently though it's been Black Friday, and for those shops that dip into the deeper region of profit-expanding consumerism-contrary-to-what-customers-really-want the Black Weekend. And this Monday Cyber Monday. The aforementioned day did cause me some economic casualties, but not as much as I expected it to.

I bought two games I've been hoping to play a long time, but probably won't have time to play in a while even now that I have them: DOOM (4), and Trackmania Turbo. Physical copies - and of DOOM it was even the Day 1 edition with added goodies. I bought some boxers too. I grabbed one deal at GOG, and I was about to buy a super-cheap reseller, but I researched the webhost I was pondering a bit more... and decided against it. I've been there in the past. Fallen for the prices. Gambled. Lost my lifetime rebate that I hadn't even started running files on when the company bailed - bad investments.

It is hard to start fresh in the webhosting business - and new brands are forced to lure in new customers somehow - which usually starts with competitive prices, but when it seems too good to be true it usually is, and especially when discounts are re-occurring - though the host I currently reside with seems to be the exception that proves the rule. They've grown big since I found them, and no longer offer the eternal rebates they did when the started out, and for which I am eternally grateful!

Most of these companies just don't last though. I'd love to be proven wrong. Sometime, but not this time! I'm not making a tri-annual payment on a master reseller I might not use for at least another year, to a host that might not be around that long. Instead, I'm looking at a few equally cheap but a bit more spartan alternatives, and once I'm done with that maybe I can finally get some closure on this short-lived consumerist addiction! I think I've spent at least a full work day just browsing deals. Too much!!! On Monday I'm not even looking.

And tomorrow, we have the first Sunday of Advent! Saffron buns (maybe even gluten-free ones on coconut flour) and candles. It's time.

November is a bunch of everything overall. No Beard, No Fap, November Foundation, Gone till November, November Man, NaNoWriMo (is going pretty well btw!), but then again I'm sure all months do have their trademarks. Feels like this one has at least a few more notable events - maybe because it's that one month between fall and the real dark of winter, where we can't afford to be all too side-tracked and depressed by the seasonal change. November: a month of distractions, just like this weeks bundle of abundant days.


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