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A Cold Christmas

So I got a cold. Just in time for Christmas.

Had dinner at work with a colleague who sniffled and coughed a bit, and then 'Little Christmas' with a few relatives, of which the hostess of the party kept putting on a facemask during meal preparations and looking a little guilty - turned out she'd just caught a cold too, and this Tuesday I took the commuter train into the city to get a double serving (previously bought deal with upcoming expiration date) Cappuccino/Coconut gelato at the Gelato Ice Bar in Hötorget (tasted like good ice cream - not so much gelato), and had some sugary afternoon tea with my sister before commuting back out to Bro again. Where I then consumed an abundance of chocolate.

So here I am now, holed up for the holidays, feeling a little under the weather though looking back also aware there really were plentiful opportunities to catch this bug. And how weakened must our immune systems not be when we've been isolated as long as we have at this point.
I need to start eating a little dirt occasionally. Feed the microbiome; get my gut in shape again and this built-in disease shield functioning like it should.

The world outside currently looks like this though:

Winter View Out The Window

It snowed last night. The weather's beautiful and bright and icy and it seems we might be getting the first real white Christmas we've had in at least a few years. We'll be eating a proper Christmas dinner today and sharing well-wishes, but present packing and opening's been preemptively postponed till Sunday. Hopefully by then I'll be less contagious, so my sister can come over and unpack presents with us.

Felt pretty shitty about all this during the end of the work week when I felt it all coming on, but now that the Holidays are actually here, when time is free and I'm resting up albeit cheating a bit on said intended rest whilst by the computer... it doesn't feel so bad after all.

Usually festivities get a bit stressful, but with a cold there's implicitly always that element of rest. Gotta slow down a little, drink plenty of warm drinks, snuggle up and recover, that's how you do it down under.

Think I just might use this opportunity to catch up with the site a bit while I'm at it, come Monday it's back to the grind as usual.

Merry Christmas y'all.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Dec/30/2021

    Beautiful bright ice
    Shimmering, shivering in
    Sugary white skies

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Dec/30/2021

    What a nice haiku
    S3C you brighten this
    Bout of gloomy flu

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