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A Covid Christmas

Turns out it wasn't just a cold Christmas, it was a covid one too!
Test results came in today.

If they'd have come in yesterday I might've been a bit more worried.

My mom was totally out of it, bedridden and shivery all day, but today she's up and about like usual. Eating cake. Drinking coffee. Also partaking in the supplementation bonanza I've been spearheading here - mainly for myself - the past week or so, but also not consuming only the things you should be consuming if you're focusing solely on your state of being and survival. So maybe survival's no longer an issue huh? *phew*. My dad caught this too but he didn't seem to get as big an initial backlash.

Considering how unreliable PCR tests tend to be I'm not entirely convinced this really is anything more than a common cold, but since that is what the test result showed I shall adhere to social recommendations anyway. Not meet people unnecessarily. Not go to work (calling in sick's becoming a bit of a problem when I can work from home though - suddenly there are no sick days at all unless you are really sick - but maybe this particular case could actually excuse certain short-term recuperation).

Can't go shopping either, which is unfortunate since we've run out of garlic and onions, somewhat central and helpful elements to speedy recovery. Still have some lemon and ginger though. They shall have to suffice. Home deliveries are possible but costly in the burbs. Would rather avoid.

So I'm sitting here trying to catch up on leftover 2021 dues I'd have liked to finish before 2022 comes along. Mom's watching Mr. Bean, and dad's in the kitchen prepping a platter of sandwiches with melted cheese - which aren't the healthiest dietary choice either but what can you do. Would've been ideal with at least some sliced up garlic there.

It seems this is how we'll be celebrating New Year this year. All hunkered down by our individual screens and/or papers/other pastimes.

But I do have one final goal before the New Year I am intent on accomplishing, and I'm almost there.

Two actually. Second one's not as important but it'd be nice to manage that one as well. It's a site-related one.

And there is a third, a musical project that seems to be set on the sidelines a bit until this other shizzle gets sorted, and I have the energy required to do what's required of me there.

Actually there are a couple other exciting prospects in line there, but that's something for next year. I'm excited anyhow. Things are happening.

Before then best recover fast and in full.

I've been sleeping for 9-10 hours the past couple nights, and managed to remove my socks in my sleep for two nights straight earlier on (meant to post an overly contemplative blog about that titled 'How To Remove Socks In Sleep') and woke up feeling amazingly well-rested and warm. Feels like initially wearing socks when you go to sleep that you then instinctively remove after a certain bodily warmth has been regained must provide certain advocable health benefit.

I still worked another two days this week, and we did celebrate Christmas last Sunday, and it was good, albeit a little tiresome - had to take a couple breaks amidst the present packing endeavours in particular - that shizzle wears you out, and I've been plowing through a backlog of at least 300-400 YT videos in the background whilst doing other dues since.

RIP also Café Mazarin. I drove by and bought one last cake there before they closed their doors for (hopefully not though - hope they'll be back) good. They've been the centrepiece café in this particular burb. Gluten-free alternatives. Everything made with real butter and cream. Not too pricey. Homely. Great people. Great place.

Maybe you'll remember them by this.

Their building's getting demolished now and they haven't found a replacement, thus the closing.

And that is all y'all. For now. Shall chronicle the proceeding recovery of me and my kin in greater detail as to assess if the purported threat level of this supposed pandemic really is justified, if this really has anything to do with it after all. See you in the New Year if not before.

Stay heathy; wealthy; eat some pie. Banzai.


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