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A Fire Week

A yellow house turned black beside us.

The smoke billowed.

The flames roared - you could hear but not see.

The firetruck came and doused it in either salvaging foam, or water - I'm not sure. But they got it under control. The smoke subsided, the windows were left open, and from the street the garden's now surrounded by warning tape and an ominous scorched darkness.

Looking through the windows it's like you're peering into an abyss. Into a house with no soul.

I wrote a song while the smoke still blew. Air ducts closed. Hot in the room. Have a listen.

I've got beats en masse at the moment but for some reason I just keep putting out these a capella recordings instead of the important stuff. Because I suck at prioritizing, at being spontaneous, and at not putting undue pressure on anything to turn out better than the usual stuff because... well I'm just like that. Right now.

I need summer more than ever. I use it more and more to kickstart myself again, and start aiming the right way. Shed unhealthy habits, tiredness, weak muscles and apathy and just get going. Once again.

Engine slowing down. Need tune-up. Tired. Need motivation. Need relaxation. Need sun. Need air. Need grounding. Need barefoot feet-kneading. Need water. Need movement. Need a moment.

But that thing about a capella things: this one's not an a capella, so (what?) check it out. Summer looms. I'm trying to do things; will speak to you soon.


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