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A Good Day Starts With A Good Dream

I was in that sweeet spot between dreams and reality when the alarm woke me up this morning.

I dreamt about a dog... though it was more like a frog. It started out an enemy and became my friend, but I don't know why it was an enemy at all in the first place, because it wasn't dangerous at all. I patted it on the head and made sure to avoid its jaws as it maneuvered it's head trying to reach me, but it was slow and easy to avoid. Eventually it just settled down and looked disappointed, like a bulldog with frog skin and a long chin.

We had a grand adventure. It was like Tintin but something else - like recent One Piece episodes on the back of the turtle - the land of Mink. I wanted to see which giant animal we were faring on, but in the end we never knew for sure, we just had the feeling that it must be one.

We traveled through watery forests in search for something, and then reached a room where Jackie Chan took the podium, in front of the group we'd been fighting all along, and he had been on their side all along! He tricked us. He moved, and the enemy moved. It was a puppet! Controlled by his movements.

I wish I could've stayed in that dream a bit longer, till it ended - because I really wanted to know what happened next, but that's when I woke up. The alarm rang, and I said "Oh damn", and that was the end of it.

The memories fade fast. I sit here with a bowl of muesli and try to recall fragments of this giant mindful tapestry that was all clear a few minutes ago... but it doesn't become clear. It withers away quickly, like a pale coat of snow on a burning stove. That was my dream. I had a dream! Now I have a clear mind and energy to spare instead, and little time to finish this post before I leave for work.

I really didn't think it would be one of these days considering how late I stayed up and played yesterday, but it is! It's going to be great.


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