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A Hundred Topics I Won't Write About

Chris Brogran posted a list of a hundred blog topics he hoped someone would write about. I was planning on covering all his topics with one blog each, for fun, but then I read through the topics and realized that he and I must be very different people. Very few of the mentioned topics are topics that I am either knowledgeable of or interested in writing about. So instead of writing a blog for each topic, I'll write a line about why I won't write more lines about each of the topics. Prepare for a long post anyway. Here we go...

1 How I Use Facebook

To keep track of friends. Also very unwillingly. I feel it undermines the social values of real life communication and friendship. It also takes up way too much time.

2 Ways I Embrace My Audience

I don't. In writing these blogs I'm probably about as sociable as a wall. I just like writing, if people like reading what I write, then all is good. If they don't, shame. Should I embrace my audience? *

3 Should My Town Use Social Media?

No, and I hope they won't.

4 A Community I Love


5 Technology That Empowers Me

My computer. The one that is a part of me. I'm speaking about my brain, one of the most sophisticated mechanisms in this world that we have yet to fully understand or replicate.

6 How Flickr Did it Right

I don't use Flickr. So apparently they did it wrong.

7 How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog

I don't comment on corporate blogs. Why? Because they are impersonal. I don't agree with their motives; I don't care to socialize in the benefit of their services/products. If I really enjoy their service or product that's a whole different thing though, but traditional corporations don't tend to leave a good impression with me.

8 Ways to Save a Bad Time at a Conference

If all else fails, you can always leave.

9 How I Find Blogging Ideas

Either I just write, or I stumble upon something I want to write about, or I think about what I write about and then I write about it. Piece of cake.

10 Somebody Has to Say It

We humans are not a superior race. We are greedy, destructive, sinister and flawed.

11 My Children Will Do it Differently

Obviously. That's how children work, they differ from their parents.

12 How Schools Could Use Social Media

They shouldn't. I really hope they don't.

13 The Best Parts of Marketing

Is when there's not very much of it.

14 Presentation Skills for a New Conversation

Is something I'm not very good at and don't intend to type more about.

15 How I Find Time to Make Media

In fact I really don't have the time to make media, so as of late I haven't made any.

16 Empower Your Best Customers

That sounds inspiring.

17 After the Event- Carrying the Conversation Forward

Just be open minded and social. Easy advice; hard to practice.

18 Just Jump Into Podcasting- Heres How

Record stuff and post it. Piece of cake.

19 My Community and How You Can Engage It

You can't. There isn't one.

20 Twitter Jaiku Pownce Facebook- And Then What


21 Making a Miniseries

It's like making a big series in smaller format. Like watching Simpsons on a mobile phone.

22 If I Were an Advertiser Today

I would have to be insanely creative to get somewhere.

23 My Mother is On Facebook

No she's not.

24 Does a Big Brand Need You

Judging by the websites I see, they surely do.

25 Books I Want to Write

I just want to write. Books too.

26 Serving the Deep Niches- How I Do It

No idea.

27 How Women Use Social Media

To chat and spy on people.

28 A Hard Look at My Media Habits

I watch a lot of videos on Snotr lately. I've rented a lot of movies lately.

29 If I Were a Television Producer

I could finally make a show that entertained me!

30 Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social marketing involves the people, traditional just markets a product.

31 Elements of a Marketing Campaign


32 Social Media Campaigns are NOT Traditional Campaigns

Refer to #30.

33 Idea Making and How I Make Something

Through the use of brainpower.

34 What I Spend Money On

Things that are worth buying.

35 Do Rock Stars Need Social Media Strategies

No. They need people to take care of that for them.

36 How I Use My Website

As a playground on a digital level.

37 Book Shopping- Buy These Books

Actually don't, just borrow them from a public library.

38 MTV Changed the World in the 80s- Here is What Comes Next

Nothing. It's over.

39 How I Process Blogs and What I Do With All That Info

There's so much info I rarely process blogs.

40 Ten Guilty Pleasures

I only have one. Doing something else when there is work to be done.

41 The Internet Application I Havent Seen

I don't know, I haven't seen it yet.

42 If I Worked for a Venture Capital Firm

I would be bored.

43 My Day Job Versus My Passion

It's the same thing.

44 The Difference Between Fark and Truemors

I'm clueless. I don't know what those two ??? are.

45 Fixing Conferences

It's something I don't have any experience with.

46 Making Marketplaces for Media Makers

It's something I don't have any experience with.

47 When I Feel Frustrated

I take a walk, or watch a movie, or write something. Alternatively, sing, violently.

48 Branding Strategies I Use

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo...

49 Your Ideas And My Ideas- How We Play Together

Inspiration is dealt in all directions.

50 Friends I Cant Wait to Meet

I'm sure they're out there.

51 The Art of Chaos

It can not be defined. Destruction is beautiful.

52 Telling My Boss About Social Media

I don't have a boss. Like a boss. :D

53 Could I Quit My Day Job


54 When to Cut Back on Web Habits

When you don't have enough time for what's important.

55 Breaking Down My Favorite Blog

I can't hack.

56 Explaining Social Media to Your Chamber of Commerce

I'd rather not.

57 Non-Internet Equivalents to Internet Tools I Use

There aren't any. What I can do offline, I don't need to do online. Though I guess this blog is like an online version of Wordpad...

58 Considering Media for the Rest of the Globe

It's called the WWW. We're there.

59 Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right

Twitter is old.

60 The Future of Podcasting

It's in video format, and it's here.

61 Video Made Simple

Use Windows Movie Maker. It sucks, but it's a piece of cake.

62 Facebook Applications I Love

Refer to #1

63 You Are Here

Yes you are.

64 Blogging Tactics- How to Keep it Fresh

Feel inspired. I'm not really btw.

65 I Want to Brag A Minute

I don't really.

66 Who Says What About Your Brand

They don't really.

67 Tools for Blogging


68 WordPress Plugins I Use And Why

Oh hey, here's something I could actually write a blog about! Though for security reasons I'd still rather not reveal which plugins I use. What if there's a potential exploit in one of them?

69 Media Topics That Need More Coverage

The downsides to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

70 Comments versus Blog Posts

For some people, there just aint no difference.

71 How I Drive Traffic to My Site

I do nothing, and still it steadily arrives. Increased at times. Decreases at times.

72 News- Is it Useful and How I Might Fix It

Nope, don't read newspapers at all.

73 Which TV Network Gets Videoblogging and PodCasting

None in Sweden, but you can still watch all their content online.

74 Franchising My Media

I'd rather not. Read domain extension.

75 Handling Critics

Ignore them, or take their advice to heart. If it's good advice.

76 My Audio Tricks

No tricks. It's all real.

77 Ning Sites I Like and Why

I don't like any Ning sites, probably because I just haven't been to any yet.

78 Controlling My Brand

If you advertise it through social media, there is no control.

79 Sharing and Contributing

With the fall of MegaUpload, the opportunities are suddenly countless.

80 How Twitter Improved My Blog

It didn't.

81 Email After Twitter

I don't.

82 Facebook Video Improved My Social Network

It didn't.

83 Letting Go

It's good to do if you don't want to get cramp in your hand.

84 Downtime- What I Do Offline to Recharge

Things normal people do. Shouldn't I speak about what I do when I'm not offline? Wouldn't that be more interesting? Actually most of my blogs are about offline time...

85 How I Went From Very Shy to Less Shy

Might post on this topic when I get there.

86 The RIGHT Number to Track for Podcasting

Sorry, didn't understand that topic at all. :/

87 PodCamp Has to Change

So I'm wondering what PodCamp is right now.

88 Shaking Things Up

Would be easy if I lived in a country where earthquakes occur.

89 Joining A Network- Things to Consider

You need to not want to roll solo.

90 Newspapers and How I Would Change Them

I'd write about things I care reading about.

91 Interview With a Veteran

Someone like... Jackie Chan? He won't answer my calls!!

92 The Countries of My Social Media World

There are no countries in social media, there is just a deep abyss.

93 Giving it Away

Leon dies at the end of Leon The Professional.

94 Consulting Strategies for Social Media Experts

Telling people how to more efficiently waste their time.

95 Turning Media into a Business Card

That's what this site does.

96 Podcasting on a Budget

You don't need money to podcast. If you have a computer, chances are you have everything else you need to get started, like a headset, or a microphone, or an MP3 player, maybe you even have a cellphone.

97 For Every Excuse a New Strategy


98 Just When I Think I Am Done

I realize I'm not. Depressing, aint it?

99 Buying Gear- My Shopping Tips for Podcasters

Get a better microphone. If your microphone is good, get a computer that can actually handle a good microphone.

100 When is Free Better- When Not

Free is always better, except when it costs something.

* Through this question it looks like I just did. :P



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  1. S3C
    Monday May/22/2017

    1.) needed for school sometimes

    2.) well you do respond to comments so there is that...

    3.) too bad:

    4.) you write about NewGrounds all the time though?

    5.) that's not technology though...unless you're AI

    6.) if Flickr exists on a elliptical plane...and they took enough lefts...

    7.) they dont exist

    8.) not a fair question, if you're at a conference then you're already have a bad time

    9.) finding a topic to write about is always the hardest part. that's my DoctorStrongBad response.

    10.) Race is a social construct, humans are a species...

    11.) My children won't, because they won't exist

    12.) too bad:

    13.) how about when there's none of it...just an honest, direct producer/consumer interaction

    14.) me2

    15.) 1. quit job 2. make media 3. ??? 4. (don't) profit!!

    16.) i don't have any

    17.) this is really freakin' did you manage to get through all 100

    18.) indeed

    19.) talk about owned

    20.) what the hell is Jaycee and Pownce

    21.) hence one of the reasons Flash is dying...(it's hard to make flash objects resizable...whereas HTML5 for example is inherently resizable I think)

    22.) not my forte

    23.) well, that's a shame

    24.) hehe, agreed

    25.) hmm, non-fiction, instructionals. Never get around to it though. I'm more of a document guy...

    26.) who gives a f*ck about deep niches

    27.) true...also from the kitchen

    28.) not an appropriate question in a PG environment tbh

    29.) that would be awesome

    30.) thank you DoctorStrongbad

    31.) attractive females too, usually.

    32.) this guy doesn't have very interesting ideas to blog about...i'll tell you what

    33.) the author used minimal brainpower in devising this list.

    34.) medical bills, education/academia, and food. that's about it tbh

    35.) Obviously not. no fan interaction, rarely post anything meaningful seems to garner millions of followers

    36.) for means for S3C to sh*tpost

    37.) public library doesn't have them...and that's rather oldhat...just find the .pdf or wait for someone to make a film out of them and watch it online

    38.) MTV no longer exists.

    39.) identify what it is exactly that you are looking for, then find the tools necessary and/or develop the algorithms to locate what you are looking for

    40.) i have more then ten

    41.) Web 6.0

    42.) I would contemplate suicide

    43.) you didn't have a job in 2012?

    44.) sounds like media gossip

    45.) wow...this guy is really reaching for topics...he's not even halfway through yet!!

    46.) seriously...this guy must be a riot at parties

    47.) reading through this is making me slightly frustrated to be honest

    48.) Did you follow through? Current thoughts?

    49.) From reading this guy's post, I can tell that we have very different ideas of fun.

    50.) Blogs I can't wait to finish

    51.) it's all about balance: too chaotic = unintelligible. too little chaos = boring

    52.) good chance he knows more about it than I do

    53.) it's looking like I finally am going to. Haven't worked in a couple months and I'm going to be out until atleast September due to an upcoming surgery...

    54.) when you are making a blog that contains 100 mundane subjects to blog about...even worse, when you blog about that blog

    55.) why would you need to hack? you know your password don't you?

    56.) lmao

    57.) not a bad question...I, however, cannot think of any.

    58.) the ultimate question then is: is there a MWW, SWW, VWW? for other planets and celestial bodies

    59.) well he's not wrong

    60.) videos came before podcasts though

    61.) well you're not wrong

    62.) this guy needs to get an application that loads him a life


    64.) well this list is an example of how NOT to keep it fresh

    65.) seriously?? this is just getting sad.

    66.) this guy makes BuzzFeed seem like Nobel Prize nominees

    67.) not like this guy needs them. I hope he never blogs again

    68.) hopefully he downloads a tool that is actually a virus and he's never able to blog again

    69.) the downsides to social media! Like and click or Facebook page for more

    70.) well, HTML isn't permissible in comments...

    71.) with caution, sober, 5-10 miles under the speed limit, with gratuitous use of turn signals, and smooth acceleration/deacceleration to save gas

    72.) oh god...this guy needs to stay as far away as possible from any news source

    73.) nope:

    74.) hopefully this blogpost marks an end to the author's franchise

    75.) I feel I've given the author valid advice.

    76.) practice. then don't think too hard about it. just play and have fun.

    77.) there's was a musician on NewGrounds who had a ning site but it's down now.

    78.) phew...about 78% through...

    79.) yeah but it's harder now via Google

    80.) Twitter killed the blogger

    81.) Email came long before twitter

    82.) Facebook video is a scam

    83.) Life is all about letting go

    84.) seems like this guy needs an eternal downtime from the World Wide Web

    85.) I hope this guy becomes very shy when it comes to blog-posting

    86.) I'm starting to think this guy is just a spambot

    87.) yep, a spambot

    88.) he said shaking things up, not quaking things up.

    89.) making sure this guy isn't in it

    90.) pretty sure this question was asked already...

    91.) because you have the wrong number

    92.) kek

    93.) you mother f*cker!! good thing I watched it recently

    94.) well, he succeeded

    95.) sick site dude, bookmarked!

    96.) don't give it a way...don't want to encourage this guy to podcast

    97.) almost there...

    98.) lol

    99.) i don't think you necessarily need a good computer to handle a good microphone...just a good computer to process software and high quality settings...

    100.) nothing in this world is free. that's against the law of physics.

  2. Cyber
    Monday May/22/2017

    1.) I guess it is now huh. The world wasn't that far gone when I wrote this post. Also a requirement for work now...

    2.) That is true.

    3.) Actually a pretty interesting Twitter hmm... not my town though! My hometown's oldskool. Hardcore. Not even ADSL.

    4.) Write, yeah, it's already all written. :)

    5.) I'm ironically really pro-brain/anti-computer, thus there was this.

    6.) Hmm... yeah... dual meaning: so as to be especially difficult to understand?

    7.) If only it was so! Actually found one I really do like since I wrote this:

    8.) True that. Better a Conference pear than a conference peer...

    9.) Yet he makes it seem like a piece of cake!

    10.) Right, my bad. Something about the human race... for extinction!

    11.) Don't give up man!!!

    12.) Too bad indeed. :/

    13.) Even better!

    14.) Ditto.

    15.) If only ???!

    16.) That doesn't sound inspiring.

    17.) OCD? I seem to have a knack for perpetual tasks that serve no purpose. Seems you managed it too though! :P

    18.) *nod*

    19.) Like a slave.

    20.) Like MySpace but even less known + obsolete.

    21.) Not really though, it all depends on how it's embedded. If it's embedded in a responsive layout element you can scale Flash too, and it'll scale proportionately. May differ with certain mobile browsers, maybe, I don't know how they work...

    22.) Good thing you're not an advertiser today then. Tomorrow?

    23.) I'd say fortunate. XD

    24.) :)

    25.) Augmented reality documents on document documentation? Yeah I don't know what I'm right in writing.

    26.) Sharks. Oh hey a niche is also 'a shallow recess'. *paradox*

    27.) All stereotypes have some underlying truths they do!

    28.) This site actually does NOT meet the Online Privacy Protection Act guideline (as specified on the Privacy page). Speak free.

    29.) Fo rizzle! Someday.

    30.) He really is doing a good job marketing his official self actually... maybe he's a paid advert. Brand new creative future-poof marketing strategy.

    31.) Always a wise aesthetical improvement.

    32.) Agreed.

    33.) All it took was a little brainstorm, possibly, though I shan't judge, interests may simply differ. Like equivocal sets of chiffer.

    34.) Medical bills? The rest of it: stark necessities.

    35.) Indeed, the less they say the stronger their image! Real rock stars seem like typical outcasts too; uninterested in anything short of their own craft.

    36.) A welcome alternative purpose.

    37.) I'm all about oldhat, like a tophat, like the Top Cat, always bold that, is my program. Actually haven't borrowed a book at a library in ages though...

    38.) MTV exits.

    39.) A wise method usually involving CTRL+F.

    40.) Top ten?

    41.) Wasn't that like way back (MACHINE!) in 2007?

    42.) I hope you don't happen to get a job at a Venture Capital Firm.

    43.) Not a real job, only studies and freelancing. Hoped to stay 'free' forever, but didn't really pursue the proper path...

    44.) Aha.

    45.) I really thought it'd take less time to respond to all of these too. :L Longer list than it seemed to be when I read what I'd written, but I wonder if it was when I wrote it...

    46.) Mhm.

    47.) XD How about taking a walk? Or watching a movie? Or singing violently? Or nevermind looks like you are doing the latter: writing something...

    48.) Nope. Thought about it a long time; eventually decided I don't really want to brand myself. I like tattoos overall, but I starting to feel more and more opposed to the idea of having any permanent image on myself. I don't have any symbols I can relate to so strongly I'd like them to be 'eternal', and see potential anonymity as more and more of a useful trait. Basically, if I think of getting a tattoo I ask myself 'why', and I don't really have an answer, but plenty of reasons not to get one. Maybe that'll change some day though.

    49.) I know rite.

    50.) Comments I can't wait to respond to.

    51.) Mmm and devised chaos = not chaos. The beauty lies in the spontaneity of it all, like with nature: the lack (or subtility) of pattern or packaging.

    52.) You know social media huh? :P Assume we have plenty of alternating views on that too.

    53.) Oh man, surgery!? I didn't know you had a day job either btw. PM time...

    54.) Touche XD

    55.) Oh right, THIS is my favorite blog. My bad. Actually I keep forgetting but that's a comment for another topic...



    58.) Though if we lived there, wouldn't we call them our Worlds as well? This is Tellus, ya know.

    59.) Ah the good old days in between the old and the new days, in which Twitter was just not all that interesting... interesting how such an arbitrary concept turned into such an all-encompassing thing!

    60.) Oh that's true. Damn.

    61.) I am writing.

    62.) Something like Total Recall, maybe?

    63.) I swear I typed the above before I saw this. XD

    64.) If you know what NOT to do, you know what to do too!

    65.) Seconded.

    66.) XD

    67.) He had some really interesting posts though, read before I stumbled upon this. I feel like this list unintentionally turned into a way too bashful spin-off, was not what I intended but... gotta check if he's still going or no... he is going! Active as ever too.

    68.) What vengeful wills! :O

    69.) Sad but true. XD But in an entertaining, ironic way...

    70.) That is true...

    71.) I could use a good driver. Thought of getting a green card.

    72.) It's old news now.

    73.) I keep learning new things about Sweden! Wonder if that's a real TV network hmm...

    74.) It's probably brought him a fair share of new traffic...

    75.) You do in the next one...

    76.) Good advice.

    77.) Anyone known?

    78.) You're in control!

    79.) Better Duck Duck Go!

    80.) I may have been temporarily weakened.. but I'm alive!!! I'll keep jittering here while others Twitter in fear: illiterate critters who can't click a lid without tear. I'm oldskool. So cool. Clint Eastwood I picture standing in the shadow but I'm radder and my flow's smooth like a ladder: you can't climb... without going over and going like a globe of batter. I'm the Mad Hatter: you're Tofu. I'm oldskool.

    81.) That's one very correct way to put it.

    82.) Yupp.

    83.) Life is all about giving a hand... a go. So we don't cramp.

    84.) Would definitely be healthier.

    85.) Hope he doesn't become a Shy Guy.

    86.) Probably a very business-minded; fast blogger who puts little surplus time into revising.

    87.) PodCamp is probably a real thing though!

    88.) I do like to Quake with a Shake every once in a while.

    89.) Harsh. XD

    90.) Oh yeah, you're right, though without the 'Papers'.

    91.) Highly probable. If you happen to have the right one though...

    92.) The kek is a lie!

    93.) XD At least I chose an old spoiler. Great movie.

    94.) Word.

    95.) It is pretty cool. :) Have five profiles there I think. Just need to start using them.

    96.) I'm pretty sure he does though...

    97.) Almost...

    98.) I assume you relate. :P

    99.) That's true, though if you don't have a good internal soundcard you'll need an external one, and the right hardware to connect it (firewire seems popular). If I'd built my own computer I don't think I'd have had the foresight to include it, but I have it now! Woo!

    100.) And the law of the psychotic.

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