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A Late Sunday Post

I think I relaxed too much this Saturday. I was recording a podcast just before I turned the light off, analyzing the day in audio form as to wind down a bit before trying to sleep, and as soon as I was ready to turn off the light... the left side of my head started hurting. Real, thumping, pain. I smiled to check that it wasn't a stroke (you never know) but it wasn't that so... what?

Suddenly I was wide awake, but I felt relaxed. I tossed and turned a bit and tried to relax even more, but I realized I couldn't relax more because I was pretty much as relaxed as I could possibly get. Tensions ebbing out, I figured, but it was pretty uncomfortable. I wondered if I'd be able to fall asleep at all like this.

And then I fell asleep, and woke up an hour earlier than I needed, fetched a glass of water, went up, went to bed for another hour - think I might've caught at least a little additional shut eye, and so this Sunday I was in a pretty good albeit somewhat confused state of mind and still kinda tired, thinking I guess I'll rest a bit during the day. If the sunshine stays: hopefully in it's warm embrace, on the terrace, catching some rare tan while I'm at it..

I caught up a bit this weekend, just didn't get to posting this. That's why the intro's a weird mesh of tenses. I finally fixed the audio player issue (check it out in that Last Sunday Post), almost sorted out all of my most important backups (fixing up the last of those tonight), replaced a bunch of old UPD notes with the newer [upd] shortcodes, fixed some non-working YT videos (516 of them, to be precise) by swapping out with (I don't even remember a time when they had unencrypted links), and while I was at it I swapped out http links for old audio (1397 of those), images (oh hey I'd already fixed those), and made a bunch of full http links relative with this bit of search and replace code:

UPDATE the_table SET post_content = replace(post_content, '<a href="', '/1');

...with one line per character, 0-Z, not realizing I missed the <a href=" at the start of the second area. WHOOPS. Too late. I do have backups but since I made other changes as well I don't want to start digging through those and comparing everything... there weren't many posts that didn't have relative links already, but now there are at least a few with totally broken code. Wonder how I can dig up those. KDiff a database export?

Speaking about backups: I found an awesome program for those. Bvckup 2. It's not free, but makes the process so amazingly simple (and fast) that I'm actually considering paying for it. So far I'm running the trial. Shareware.

Regarding concerts the last week... I skipped all concerts. No time.

Though maybe I did have time because I did see three movies instead (at the movies - three since this was just enough to reach the 'gold' tier for the movie club membership before the member year ended at the end of the month, granting me access to exclusive previews and such from now on), and went to the dentist again on one sunny but gruelingly early Thursday morning (but the visit went great). Filled a mysterious hole. No cavity.

The last concert before summer was yesterday, The Offspring, and I hope to post a dose of their videos before I leave, for anyone who (do such people even exist?! O_o) haven't heard of them.

It was a great show. Great energy. Great crowd. It was also great as in massive. A few thousand at least. 20,000 were interested.

I've had a looong review queue waiting on me that I finally managed to get through this week too, and dug up videos for all the artists I've been to concerts of thus far... and hadn't posted any for. I've sold some stuff via online actions too; sent out those, and was bidding for fifty movie tickets but fortunately didn't get those. They went cheap though... individually.

On Tuesday I went from work early to celebrate a cousin's birthday with some minigolf and ice cream, and ate great dinners at Vigårda on Thursday, and at Sally Voltaire & Systrar yesterday.

Today I've been frantically fixing things in the house and attempting to finally finish up the things I haven't finished yet that should've been finished way back that I really need to finish before I leave. Just fixed this error too. YEAH! It was the CSS though. My bad.

Though I wonder how it's been there all along and just recently started causing trouble. Because I haven't updated my styles in a whiles.

In NG news I made it to the top level on Thursday too, after 14 years of somewhat steady deposits. Cheers to that. :)

I'ma jump off the computer as soon as my backups finish, and tomorrow's the final day, so it's bound to be a pretty intense finale! Soon, it's time to venture up North again, to the wild and free, where I strive to be, where the birds they chirp and we fight with bees as the cloudberries ripen in a striking breeze... it turns around all. It's quite the leaf.


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