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A Mass Of Random

So much on my mind today, maybe it'd fare to share. Real quick:

1. Apparently Microsoft are working on a solution to store digital material in DNA, and it's going well! They're aiming to put a thousand billion gigabytes in a single gram. O_O Apparently, this guy managed to cram 700 TB worth of data into a gram of DNA back in 2012 so that's... a lot of progress! I wish I had a gram of artificial DNA myself. No need to buy all these expensive HDs...

2. I wonder if Old Town in Sin City is based on Gamla Stan (by wording, at least).

3. Jean-Michel Jarre and Edward Snowden are making Techno music now! Exit.

4. The guy behind YTS just had an AMA on Reddit. It's his first time talking publicly since they seized to be, check it.

5. I learned a new word. Wizened: wrinkled with age. Wisening up huh?

6. The Behemoth are working on a new game! Pit People. It looks good.

7. I had this weird issue where my dictionaries for spell-check appearing three times in the 'select language' list, and where spellcheck displayed options even outside of text-areas. Turns out this was due to the 'Multi Links' plugin. At least I think it was. I turned it off, and now it's working! And I haven't tried turning it on again. Maybe when I need it next time I'll post a post...

8. I was planning to write about my dreams earlier today. I know I had a few interesting ones, but I was too sleepy, so I didn't get up in time to write, and now that I have to write... they're all very much forgotten. Shame.

9. Google 'minute timer' if you ever need a timer for a minute. That search engine is just packed with useful stuff.

10. Here's an interview with that one Irish rapper you might have seen in a few Musicalish posts earlier: Lucky.

11. That download limit on NG, does that really need to be there? I found an artist who I decided to download the audio from, and it took me at least half an hour (80 tracks at 3 per minute) just for that! And there's a lot of great music in the AP. These limitations really complicate the collection process. The most annoying thing is how, if you try to download again too early, the counter seems to be reset so you have to wait an additional minute once again! And you can't get any proper work done having to click three links every one minute, rather than click them all at once. It takes ages. Yet you can watch a MP4 online, in high quality, with no interruptions at all. Surely that takes much more bandwidth?

If the limit can't be lifted, would you consider limiting download speed instead, so you can at least initiate all downloads at once, and then have them complete at a pace which doesn't have a too heavy impact on the site's bandwidth/infrastructure? Or as suggested earlier, maybe remove (or increase) the limit for Supporters? I remember there was a limit way back in the day to how much you could download in a specific day, and though I was happy when that disappeared, that too would be an easier way than limited minute downloads. Maybe a minute limit after a certain amount has been downloaded?

I'd be interested to know why the limit was added at all. Wonder if it could have anything to do with Geometry Dash? Increased bandwidth costs with managed hosted? And I was planning to post this thing as a topic, but WTH, admins seem to be ignoring any mentions of this particular limitation. Maybe there's a reason for it.

12. I watched Expendables 3 again, right after the first two I posted reviews to... oh wait, I haven't posted those yet. Soon. But anyway, I thought about reviewing this one again. Still thinking about it. I already have a review for it from last time, so it feels unnecessary. But watching the third after the former two it feels like I have a bit more to say. I caught a few more references. Maybe later.

13. Eva Green really has the most aggressive roles. You wouldn't think she's the quiet type of person. And I really need to watch the second Sin City again. Don't think I appreciated it nearly enough last time (because I know I didn't appreciate the first enough the first).

14. Useful VCam resources here, here and here.

15. Resident Evil hit 20 years this year, and so did GameFaqs last year! Wish I had more time to celebrate. With a marathon for the former, and a boost of activity on the latter. I have a few guides I could post too.

16. A couple of dance GIFs with sites of their own here and here. Not sure where I'd get to post those individually. Not that they're particularly amazing. It's just cool there are two standalone sites for two standalone GIFs like this. Plus music. Useful references maybe.

17. Mortal beings answer I am Good. God answers I am God.

18. I was aiming to get the 666,666th audio ID on NG but aaargh I missed it! So much music being submitted lately it's crazy. We'll be up at a million in no time.

19. Check this out. World's most powerful miniature budget computer ever! If I had some surplus cash I'd definitely get one.

20. Story behind CTRL ALT DEL link.

21. That Youtube experiment went well! I don't even feel the urge now. Well, maybe a little, but I'm resisting. I'm with the resistance. You see all I have time for now! Other forms of distraction hmm.

And in a few years, I bet half of the links I posted here won't exist anymore. The dynamics of the Internet never seize to baffle me with their lack of siezelessness. Eternal shame.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Apr/30/2016

    1. lol...magnitudes smaller, but it would way more expensive. (though it may be reasonably priced in 10-20 years). the machinery to write and (read) the DNA would be hella expensive for one...and the cheapest price I can find for custom DNA manufacturing is 39 cents per base (granted oligonucleotide synthesis includes purification techniques and spectroscopy to ensure quality, may not be necessary for just storing data). So if 1 base pair = 1 bit (fascinatingly enough, even the code behind every form of a life is binary like a computer, either the base pair is C-G or A-T) a gig of DNA data would cost 390 million dollars LOL! Of course it didn't cost the researches that much, they have access to the machine themselves and don't have to pay the "list price", but you get the idea lol.

    live storage huh. Kinda reminds me of the movie Elysium but with neurons...

    2. I find Quentin to be a tad overrated

    3. of course Snowden makes cyberpunk music, just look at him

    4. WTF! seems a bit precarious to have an AMA in public. Well, I'm all about what he stands for. VPN is the new way. Spotify, Netflix, Steam are the future of the entertainment industry (and the future is bright, unless you're an old Hollywood billionaire shill)

    5. intredasting

    6. where's Tom Fulp?

    7. in some languages, the correct spelling is not in the letters within the words themselves, but in the spaces (absences) between the words

    8. too bad you don't have any DNA storage, like me. it's pretty much infinite read/write memory, delete-proof barring physical trauma. Only problem is I haven't developed any efficient search and sorting algorithms yet.

    9. spooky...ever tried googling recursion??

    10. an Irish person called Lucky...real f*ckin original

    11. wtf! perhaps to deter bots/scrapers from scraping the website. Do you get an actual message from NG, or does your browser just halt after a certain limit? Does it restrict directly downloading from the .mp3 links as well?

    12. haven't seen the third one yet

    13. why?? what type of person does Eva Green strike you as

    14. seems too complicated...i'll stick with information theory

    15. GameFAQS was invented in 1995 though. I remember that place had the most archaic BBS system. The cool thing about the website is that there was a board for EACH game. Used to post there a lot in the early 2000s.

    16. this might be out of line (feel free to ignore) but what's your favorite porn gifs website??

    17. what

    18. even better, get 777,777. 666,666 will probably get deleted anyway

    19. I'm confused, what exactly are they selling though? the CPU?

    20. I would have made it left mouse click, reload printer button, + F13 if I was in charge... only works half the time when I need it tho...someone really needs to invent a priority thread for this emergency shortcut

    21. just don't get XBOX live and a massive widescreen TV with a premium sound system. Youtube Videos for days.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Apr/30/2016

    1. Heh, that does change the perspective for potential profit a bit. :) When I first read the article btw (another article, in Swedish, which had me Googling aforementioned progresses of the past) I thought they'd be trying to store this data in the human body, and I really hope we never get to that! Yeah, Elysium vibes. There was this other movie about a courier who stored data in his head too. Johnny Mnemonic, 1995. Dystopian scenarios. And if you can store data in DNA, wouldn't you theoretically be able to hack to 'hijack' a persons body, provided you have access to their 'mainframe'?

    2. Aha, 'special guest director'. Didn't know he was involved at all. Watched Sin City again just recently though, was much better than I remembered it. Stylish. Sensual. Sad, too. Many feels in this particular city's vast repertoire of stories.

    Gamla Stan is Swedish for Old Town btw, if you didn't know, and is a pretty popular destination in Stockholm. The city expanded from there.

    3. Point. :) If he wasn't so famous there wouldn't be so much hype though, somehow this feels on a level like: imagine if the president made a music video!

    4. True that! As for his openness, I guess his deal's done; his crimes are pardoned, so no risk in speaking about them. At least I hope that's how it is... it's good to know he's still free and live; not a martyr for the industry.

    I haven't really gotten into the whole cloud-based and always accessible Spotify/Netflix style of life yet, but I do like the progress, especially now that they're speaking of allowing users to download and backup their files (as it should be). One major reason I prefer GOG over Steam is that they let you actually 'own' what you buy, not just access it on their terms. I need to have the files to feel like I'm in control. The digital download markets have always had a good foothold there, but understandably their prices can't really compete with the streams. Or the free.

    5. Heeey I learned a new meme! :D

    6. No idea. Maybe he's not involved with this one? Not much info on who's developing it this time, though he did announce it via NG...

    7. Must be difficult to spell-check!

    8. And I thought memories were stored in our brains! Interesting:

    9. So they do make mistakes. XD

    10. First one to get that official artist name, though! He must've been pretty Lucky.

    11. I get an actual message:

    There doesn't seem to be any limit to how much you can listen to, though, so if you manage to scrape the links via the source (for the player) rather than the downloads, you could bypass the limit. Which means: the people who really want to scrape the site can just keep going, and us regular users will be the ones punished for their abuse.

    Do you get the same error message btw? Since nobody else is mentioning this I have wondered if it's maybe a geographical thing...

    12. Thoughts on first two?

    13. A nymphomaniac. Sort of.

    14. Hmm by that you mean... programming without reference?

    15. Oh, damn... it was last year! Looks like I missed the party. I've barely been active there at all, but the game guides I wrote were all inspired by the guides I read there. Planned to post something there too, but I never truly made anything of that caliber. People put in some insane amounts of work in their documentations, and there's so much. I love the wealth of information and how dedicated the community is at putting up more. Even after all these years they've stayed on the right track too! Great place.

    16. 4chan. :P I don't do much GIF though. There are some pretty good video sites out there but I don't think I want to start posting those links here...

    17. Wordplay? Philosophy?

    18. 666,666 is my number though. :P I got it for Flash, at least. Aiming for Art too. And of course, any equal digit number would be pretty cool to get, maybe I can snatch a few other ones too.

    19. Everything! CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, motherboard, speakers, all the necessary ports and network cards and stuff like that all packed together on one convenient tiny chip. All you need is a case to put it in and voila, tiny computer ready to go, just plug in a screen and keyboard and mouse and maybe a USB with an OS of choice (they do have a case too, just costs extra). It's just like this, but with more power:

    20. lol, I wonder if I even have a reload printer button somewhere... listening to this though, I wonder wny they decided to go for CTRL SHIFT DEL on newer Window versions instead. It's entirely against this 'can´t accidentally reach all keys at the same time' concept. Though it does make it easier.

    21. I hear ya! None of that. I'll stick to my 12 y/o 17' screen and budget brand combinations. Youtube Videos for all eternity anyway, but at least probably not as tempting to spend that eternity on.

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Apr/30/2016

    Oh yeah, you did mention Expendables earlier. Nevermind #12.

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