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A Question Of Mirrors

I posted a question over at Yahoo! Answers some years back, and just recently received an unexpected, albeit interesting answer to it. Both question and answer below, if you can make sense of it...

Q - Does the distance in a mirrors reflection of an object affect the level of detail?

My question is, does the distance in a mirrors reflection of an object affect the level of detail? I probably haven't phrased the question as well as possible, so let me take an example. If you look at yourself in a mirror, is the level of detail you see (in the reflection of yourself) seen as defined by the distance between you and the mirror, or the distance between you and the mirror AND the distance seen within the reflection, in other words, twice the actual distance to the mirror?

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See the question here.


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday May/9/2017

    kek...i love that the best answer is just "no"

    I'm afraid Yahoo! Answers has gone the way of Myspace...too unprofessional and unkempt to be relevant, yet too large to be rendered obsolete. If you want a good answers website check out Quora or Stack/Exchange, the former being more formal and general and the latter being more academic and technical.

    oh btw one of your answers caught my "how big is your city":

    "Around 30,000. My home town has less than 200 though."

    My school alone has 124,784 students. Granted though it's spread out across 4-5 campuses and there's plenty of online students. 200 is an average amount for a lecture class size.

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday May/10/2017

    Yeah that's why I don't use YA! so much now. Didn't get any proper answers on my question as to what kind of toothpaste Shaolin monks use either. :/

    Mmm seems so. I got hooked to their points system a while, but it was pretty messy even back then. Seems like a better place to get feedback on poems and stuff like that than serious answers now. A lot of people seem to use it for alternative purposes.

    I do stumble upon Quora and Stack/Exchange a lot while looking for answers, and they seem great, just haven't gotten around to asking anything there. Quora seems to have some problems with biased advertising answers btw. Seems a lot of companies focus their efforts there, often with surprisingly helpful answers, and then: link to service/useful product/related site. Stack/Exchange seems like the best place, though their community code makes it hard to just 'jump in' and ask whatever. Guess that's why it's so pro though...

    Man that's a crazy big school. :O The biggest university in Sweden has less than 70,000 (and others don't even come close). Actually, the town I live in is just about 7,000, it's the municipality that's closing in on 30,000. My hometown:

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