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A Quick Do Stuff Groove Up

I gotta do stuff.

I gotta stay efficient gotta move up.
And stay creative too, and reap the dues I sometimes do up.
Get up when it is morning, yet sleep until I wake up.
Refreshed and ready for storming! And I don't need no make-up!

Keep sacred. The rites of daily shower meditation.
It's cold but I'm told it's ancient. Old form of recreation.
That people willingly iced themselves before we had PlayStation.
And felt refreshed and nice as hell even without vacation.

So true huh! So simple are the things you need to do, uh!
And add a quick vocale like Jay-Z and maybe I'll groove too.
Be truthful. Be true to you whether you're old or new school.
I do fool myself but I'm no fool, I am @TooCool42.

Or am I? Who knows. Go ham guys.

Go. You.


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  1. buterr
    Saturday Feb/4/2023

    That's your alt?

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/4/2023

    Hmm am I? Who knows. Go ham guys.

    Go. You.

  3. buterr
    Sunday Feb/5/2023

    ofc I will go for hamburger!

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Feb/5/2023

    Aw yeah! Go make that merger with the burger!

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