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A Rolling Stone...

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Somewhat related.

Also @S3C. Also this New Year's shaping up to be a busy one! I shall live by the mottos of the old grottos that the bold potholed...

Also RIP Ken Block. Awesome dude I was so recently first introduced to.

What a way to start the year huh? It seemed like he'd live forever, having crashed pretty much every year of his career he was still going strong... don't expect the good to keep going though. Don't take days for granted. Nor you, nor your home, nor those you know; not even this planet.

Get up early, eat a sandwich, and roll on. Cold dawn. Mold strong.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Jan/5/2023

    oh cool I'm mentioned in the majority of posts in 2023 XD

    I know he had kids and all and was still middle-aged so this sentiment is just notional, but he died doing what he loved: it's better to crash and burn than fade away.

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jan/6/2023

    So far it does seem like it, ca 66,6% so far. XD Excluding movie reviews then...

    Yeah I was thinking that too. At least he died before he couldn't do what we loved to do. Still in his prime. Both in memory and in his own life, I hope.

    Was watching videos of him and his daughter racing and building cars together recently too though - she'd just gotten into rally herself, must be pretty scarring for her, wonder if she'll keep racing, of course the family overall's bound to be pretty devastated...

  3. biterr
    Saturday Jan/7/2023

    He's not dead! He's now rollin' with limb bizkit!

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/7/2023

    But Limb Bizkit REALLY aren't dead man! Their lives are better than ever.

    Though they did have to cancel some tours last year due to health concerns, hopefully nothing serious going on there too...

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/7/2023

    I do get the reference though. :P

    Hopefully we keep rockin' those rolling rolling rolling memories just the same.

  6. biterr
    Saturday Jan/7/2023

    Yea, they're not dead. But they will never get as popular as they we're. They're now rollin' in history with Ken.

  7. S3C
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    WTF! why don't movies appear on the main blog stream anymore?
    also why I can't find the movie list?

    EDIT: found it via google

    still...I used to type in 'move list' to the search bar here and that entry would be the first result...

  8. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    @Biterr Mmm that's probably true. Their 'Still Sucks' album really didn't score the same acclaim as say The Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water... and I can't imagine them getting featuring in a Mission Impossible movie with their new material, but at least they're still going hard with their performances!!! Gotta catch one of them before they go for real, now that they're a little less mainstream it seems that might actually be possible...

  9. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/8/2023

    @S3C ah since I aim to post 'em daily I figured they'd flood the blog a bit too much, and push down potentially more important posts, earlier I used to post both a batch of those and a blog at the same time, so the blog would come out on top for a while, been meaning to split these up for a long time though. There's a new main menu item for reviews specifically, hopefully it's an easily accessible alternative.

    You can click the 'view all' under the list of recent reviews in the sidebar there to get to the movie list too.

    I changed the search so that pages no longer show up in the results, was getting a lot of irrelevant 100 Word entries since I added those, ideally I guess I ought find a way to just add in better seach functionality, split results for posts/pages etc etc...

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