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A Short One For Judy

Judy, at NG, I don't know why-y-y yeah, yeah x2

Why you gotta die? Why you gotta end up in the frontpage newspost line?
On NG! Have I got a sign? Is it telling me I gotta: live my life
Cause you never know when it is time, you never time is... by
You never know when you go, you never know when you... die

Judy, at NG, I don't know why-y-y yeah, yeah... x2

Why did you go out? I remember our chat, and I made you a scout
I reviewed your art way before you threw em out
Then re-uploaded them all new, but you lost all views
And you lost my reviews why

Judy, at NG, I don't know why-y-y yeah, yeah... x2

Was it suicide? It never seemed like you were down
I was happy you were around, since Misunderstood I thought I kinda knew you
Have you been found? Was it an accident, was it a shooting? How?
It all feels so unreal... first NG user I kinda knew and communicated with
Who now no longer lives, it's a sad day and I'll, always remember you!

Judy, at NG, I don't know why-y-y yeah, yeah... x2


Yeah, maybe ^ makes it seem like I knew her more than I did... but this is a little memento at least. Hope you're having it better in that other life, in the next life, in the wherever you are if you are somewhere other than here. RIP Judy. Audio coming soon™


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