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A Time Where The Studies Are Really Intense

Haha, I've been a bit spoiled lately, my studies have been a breeze. They have been so easy I haven't needed to put any time or effort into them, this season things are a changing, they actually seem to be changing so much I was at the verge of getting myself some time tracking software just to make sure I'm not studying overtime, then I realized, why? If I'm studying overtime, so what, I'm learning, that's why I chose to study things in the first place... right? Anyhow, I threw together a quick 'formula':

8 hours each day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks = 160 hours
160 hours each month, half a year (one semester) minus one month for vacation (5 months) = 800 hours
A 7,5HP course is a quarter of "full-time" studies, so that's a fourth of 800 hours, 200 hours.

They say 200 hours, so I guess they're using the same formula as I am? Really, this is my formula, I have no idea how they count, just thought it would be a bit more complex.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    agreed, tho I study on average 12 hours a days (including in class time), 7 days a week. So double full time. In 2018. Even when I had 10 credits (spring semester) and 18 credits (fall semester). 12 is considered full time're expected to spend 3 hour outside of class for each credit hour: so 12*3 = 36, plus in general 12 hours in class time = 48. where 40 hours a week is considered full time in the US.

    and of have to pay for it, unless you're a PhD student in which case they generally pay you (around minimum wage)

  2. S3C
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    btw, not only does this site run faster in Microsoft Edge, it even bolds the "# comments" for unread comments to here. pretty nifty, Edge is more like a Corvette, and I've been traveling in a Tank (Firefox) for the past couple years, which of course is highly recommended for some places on the World Wide Webs...

  3. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    How come the PhDs get it free? Sponsors? Scholarships at that level...? That is a LOT of time though! You're saying you're doing 36 PLUS 48 every week though??? And I thought my studies were intense back in the day...

    40 hours is full-time here too, though I'm not sure how much I really studied. Felt like more. It was distance studies though - and I never got started with that timer. Mysteries...

  4. Cyber
    Saturday Jan/5/2019

    Sounds like I'd better give Edge a try sometime! Nifty feature bits. Maybe when Windows 7 support ends and I'm forced to get it... gotta bring the Tank to NG tho.

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