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A Train Trilogy

I built a theory about trains today... or more professionally: self-esteem and its' reaction to trains corresponding to you in various of lives troublesome situations.

Now back to the trains. Every time you miss one, you lose some self-esteem, if you arrive just as the train is leaving, you lose some self-esteem. If you were walking quickly thinking that you should run and thought that then maybe you would get to the train in time... but you don't run, you lose a lot of self-esteem. If you run like hell and just miss the train by a few seconds, you lose some but at least you tried, right? and if you run like hell and throw yourself through the doors just as they are closing your self-esteem gets a powerful boost. Also, if you walk calmly and arrive a few minutes early and successfully get on the train with no problems at all... nothing happens!

This simple theory can also be used to describe various other events and your success rate in life... Shouldn't I be a scientist or something? With all this brainpower of mine I'd be sure to win the nobel prize, lol...

So run like hell and catch the train people!!! :D


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  1. Barses
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    awesome poem, you should be a scientist, lol. :P

  2. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Poem? LOL. Yeah . . . I was more or less aiming to become an author though. :D

  3. Barses
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Läcker bild du har lagt upp :D

  4. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    lol, känner du igen den?

  5. Barses
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    hmmmm, den ser bekant ut :D

  6. Minutze
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Hmm... Förrut var du pörskans sur för att jag skrev på svenska Bob

  7. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    lol, på forum skall ingen svenska skrivas. Där ska personer kunna diskutera grejor, på Engelska. Alla vet Engelska, men alla vet inte Svenska!

    Kommentarer är ett ställe för att säga vad man tycker, jag har inget emot att personer skriver I kinesiska här

  8. Minutze
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Åh, okej...

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