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A Vigilante (2018)

A Vigilante (2018)

It'll be hard to find a darker revenge movie than this one! A colder one.

What starts out as the story of a woman who seeks out other women (or people, for that matter - though it's mostly women) who have trouble at home, and deal with that trouble in a somewhat unorthodox way, like a true modern day vigilante - asking only for the food or spare change the victims can spare, turns into something else entirely.

We're introduced to the cold her, but soon realize there's some pretty serious heart hiding behind the surface, and as the movie goes her trauma surfaces - the cause of her trauma - it takes on a material form, and it all ends with a savage but drawn out showdown. Face your torment.

In a way I like the simplicity of it all, and the emotion. Maybe authenticity's a better word for it. Maybe HATE. You see it in their eyes.

Another side of me misses a more superficial tale: one where you can actually somewhat enjoy the acts of vengeance in their pompous; all-out warfare-like bravado. Like Armed Response. Flashier. Ferocious in a funner way. Not so damn cold, and dark, and livid...

But you can't say it wasn't well done. Props Olivia Wilde on the greatest showcase of character I've seen in some time, and Morgan Spector too, even if I'm a little disappointed they take away his shield at the very end. It seemed like he was actually a threat. A danger. But then... he wasn't.

I guess there might be a message in that as well, in how the victim often sees the assailant as so much stronger than he really is.

Could it be an intentional visualization of that psychological barrier they have to cross to overcome... or is it just somewhat disappointing directing?

Reminds me a bit of Gone Girl. Both actress and premise. Both amazing.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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