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Welcome to CyberD!

CyberD is a large web-related database, dedicated towards digital deviance and diversity. Here you will find both entertainment and resources of varied sort, as well as both free and paid services. If you need a website, we can make one for you, and if you have a website, you will find plenty of useful tools and resources here to further enhance it.

CyberD has been around in varied shapes and sizes since mid 2004, spawning experimental creativationals and focusing on different themes through the years. Originally known as CyberDyze, the database changed to a simpler name at the beginning of 2008, CyberDB, and has been known as such ever since.

What will I find here?

Inspiration, information, resources and a little bit of many other things. Take a look around and see what treasures you can dig up!

What is it made of?

Flames and Fury!

The whole site was in its former state entirely based upon a blog. All the content and all the pages were posted with great help of wordpress. Since 2007 I have been using my own system to less manually update content, a CMS which I call the 'CyberDB Engine', which is even better, and constantly being improved! At the end of 2008 I re-scripted this script and made it better than I had ever hoped I could, as you see now. The old version of this site can still be found here.

In case you are wondering about the core structure of the server, it consists of mostly metal and plastic . . . with electricity flowing through it's veins 99% of the time according to our great web-hosts uptime policies.

Who runs this street?

The site is owned and maintained by Cyberdevil, the one and only. In real life more commonly known as Bob Axell. He can be found either in front of his computer or outside, dancing through the rainy days, swirling around as the pavement sways. More info here.

Why run this street?

I maintain this community and offer my services out of sheer benevolence and personal bliss only. The site is completely non-commercial, and all money made here is used for survival. You know, paying the rent, buying food, etc. I would happily give out all my web-design services for free, since I just friggin love designing stuff! :D

Problem is that life is just so damn expensive nowadays.

How long has this street been running?

Since the middle of 2004. Everything began in 2005 though, please see the history page for more information on this amazing creation.

How much cash does it cost?

Time is money, so I've have spent a fortune on this, much more than I have generated from it. Server expenses are paid partly through ads and donations, but mostly out of my own stash of cash. All donations, regardless of amount, go to these payments.

Hope this brief containment gave you the information you were seeking! It's easy to write a lot, but hard to fit a lot into a little. If you need a more in-depth analysis, check this out & a Poem.

UPD: Original date January 28, 2010


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