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Frequently Asked Questions

A general guide to the site you're browsing right now, with both comments and Q&A.

A Bit About CyberD

It's CyberD!

Cyber is defined as a computer, computer network, or virtual reality; it's often used in the formation of compound words. CyberD is such a compound word (made by me). The D, the deviance in this domain, used to stand for Dyze (which means nothing). Back in 2004 when this site was first born it went under the name CyberDyze. It was a long and complicated domain and thus it evolved to CyberD a few years later.

The site did go by the name CyberDB for a short while, but let's move back to that D I was just speaking about. It has many meanings: Design, Deviance, Database, Dreams, Diary, Daze, Debug, Devil & Domain. It's a deviant D'd. ;) The domain extension is .ORG because... well, the .com and .net were taken. I've grown to like it since it stands for great things, and points out the site is non-profit.And, if you include the domain name extension in the compound word it sounds pretty dorky. :D

What About Dyze?

For a short period in CDB history I started a network of websites that went by the name of Dyze. I registered and used it to list a number of websites I operated. There was CyberDyze, CyberDoze, WonPeace, UnLyrical & CyberD. The latter two are still alive today!

It all started with my first website: CyberDyze. When I registered the domain I wanted nothing else than to make myself an amazing website, and the name sounded amazing. I didn't brainstorm much, I just took the first thing that popped into my head. It had nothing to do with gambling or board games; if it had to have something to do with anything then it was probably the act of dicing foes into tiny velvet-colored cubes. I guess it did have a little to do with my main alias online at the time, one I still haven't changed. I'm known as *pause for effect* the Cyberdevil.

The Devil

For as long as I've been online I've been known as the Cyberdevil. It's a name chosen partly in homage to the Cyberdemon - the most fierce of demonic foes you encounter while playing Doom, and partly in homeage to the game itself. Doom is a FPS from 1993 that forever revolutionized the action genre of gaming. It was the first I played within the genre, and later became a favorite. Id Software have been pioneers within the genre both before and after this one game. You can read more about the game here, or more about me here.

CyberD VS CyberDB

There was a time when I ran two personal blogs simultaneously. I tried to keep one of them about my life, and the other one about the time I spent online. On CyberD I talked about life, studies, happenings around the world and other causeries. On CyberDB I talked about websites I visited, programs I used, scripts I made, and such trivia. I spent more time posting on CyberD than I did on CyberDB, and the time on CDB was mostly spent trying to organize all content that had been left after my move from the old domain, CyberDyze.

It took a malfunctioning script to finally make me merge the two websites. So here we are, this site is the result. The CyberDB domain still exists, redirecting lost wanderers to this new home.

That C:/ Below The Navigation

It's both a pun on CyberD, and a letter to mimic traditional directory structure in Windows, where 'C' is root - 'My Computer' - an access point to everything. It's where the breadcrumbs start, and you can click on it to read more about the site.

Why I Run WordPress

WordPress is an Open Source blogging platform that has been around since the dawn of mankind-on-the-Internet. It's free, and it's used by very many people. The fact that it is used by very many people means little... other than how many people place their faith in this one script and expect only the best in terms of security, flexibility, speed and simplicity of use. It also means there's a huuuge assortment of themes, mods, translation and documentation in all languages.

The team behind it work diligently at keeping things up-to-date without changing things too much... though I'll admit, some changes are too much. But thanks to the community there's usually a mod to bring things back to how they should be.

Before I settled for WP, I tried most of the blogging platforms out there, and this was the one that eventually seduced me. The template system is so easy to use, the features are many, updates are automatic (if you like), and there are plugins for virtually every feature you could dream of. It's beautiful. Wonderful. Charming. And still growing all the more resilient.

There are plenty of equally useful blogging platforms out there though, so do search a while before you decide (if you are pondering which to use). I'm sure you'll find your perfect match eventually.

The Blogs Before Late 2008

Before late 2008 I used a different blogging platform to post my blogs, of which you can browse a static archive here. They weren't originally included on the current platform (which is why you can still find them there), but in 2010 I moved them all over manually, one by one, to this one. Thus, you should now be able to find them through regular search or archives as well.



A 404 error occurs when the content you are searching for is not found. These errors are common and can appear if you search for a term I have never used, make a typo, travel via an old link to some page that no longer exists, or something happens that shouldn't have happened.

If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, you can try the search (right by the main menu, above), or the sitemap. If you're actually searching for the 404 page, you can find it here.

Links to other error pages you won't find in the sitemap:
400, 401, 403, 500, 502, 503


And dogs!

Categories group together posts of the same type, and are limited to a select few fundamental themes. A selection of the main categories is available on on most posts, and on the main page.

Some other categories you might be interested in:
Code, Lyrics, Music, Video


Posting a comment

To post a comment, simply fill in the form below a specific post and press 'submit'.

The comment form is only visible on a post's individual page, so click the post title, 'comment' or ´read more´ links below the post title to get there.

If you've never written a comment before, or if you've used a different email, or if you've done something to make the system suspicious of you again (like posting a large amount of links, or something that´s been blacklisted) your comment will be queued for approval before everybody can see it.

This is a one time process, after which all comments you make will show up right away. Unless you are a spam-bot... but you wouldn't be reading this if you were... right? All comments are approved manually btw, so it may take some time, but rest assured we'll get to it as soon as we can.

Responding to certain users

If you want to reply to a specific user, simply post a comment below theirs, or when there are comments in the way, use @username before your message - that'll make it easy for them to spot it.

The RSS feed available for each post can be used to keep track of new comments if you don't want to check back on the page every once in a while!

Avatars and appearance

Avatars are displayed through Gravatar. It's a non-profit service that lets you assign a 'global avatar' to a specific email, and is then used on any sites that support Gravatar to display your image when this email is used. Note that the email field is still private. Your gravatar will never be publicly linked to the email address itself unless you choose to reveal it.

Comment spam and abuse

Note that if you post comments largely irrelevant to the content of the post and/or with links to malicious websites, ads, etc, your comment will not be approved.

Common comment etiquette, etc

Be kind and courteous towards others, please don't post in ALL CAPS without reason, and since you can't edit your comments: check yo gramma before you post! But all that probably goes without saying.

As long as you abide by such common courtesy, don't hesitate to comment on anything... about anything. Actually, feel free to say whatever you want to, etiquette or not, they're more like guidelines anyway. Think of the comment section as a little forum, and the easiest way to reach the author if you don't mind the conversation being public.

Author comments are displayed in honorary gold... which is more like orange.


NOTE: Polls are currently disabled. You can view the archive here.

I like to call the monthly polls on the main page Opinions.

Q - How do I cast my vote?
A - Chose an alternative, click on it, and press the Vote button. You will be redirected to the results.

Q - How often can I cast my vote?
A - Once every 24 hours.

Q - Can I regret a previous vote, or change it?
A - No

You can use the search feature to easily find specific content on this site. Just type in one or more keywords and the system will do the rest for you, it's really simple.

If your search term matches one (and only one) result exactly, you will be forwarded to that individual entry right away. It's like Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button, but better. ;)


Tags are keywords appended to posts to simplify the browsing of different content types or content on certain subjects. Tags differ from categories in that they are commonly used to filter smaller groups of content within categories, or certain types of content that span between different categories. For example, I rhyme a lot within posts, within a lot of different contexts and categories. You can browse the tag archive for rhymes 'here'.

Note that I don't use tags for infrequent things. If I post about the new movie inception (which is probably the best movie ever by the way) I won't add the 'Inception' tag to the post, if it's unlikely I'll ever post more than a few posts on the same topic. If I do, I'll add tags retrospectively. As I do post a lot about movies I could add a tag specifically for movies, but instead I have created a category for this type of posts. You can read more about categories here. You can view a cloud of the most used tags here.

To keep it simple all tag slugs (URLs) are letter and number combinations with three characters. With 17,576 possible alternations, they won't be running out any time soon. ;)


The Music Page

The music section contains a lot of music I've made through the years. Everything is sorted as either a Project or a Loop Collection or not sorted at all. All uploaded tracks and loops that are available from the music section can be viewed as separate posts as well, along with many other pieces that aren't part of any collection. All tracks can be viewed through the Music category, or by tags, and all lyrics in the Lyrics category.. A complete list of tags is the first thing you'll see on the music page. The ones below are not the complete list.

Music Tags

Most tracks I make are part of either a project or a pack of loops. Projects can be navigated chronologically (from old to new) and loop packs navigated alphabetically, both through the sidebar. On all project pages there's a playlist available so you won't need to play each track separately. Other than my music there's a bunch of other musical gadgets and information I won't be taking up in this FAQ. Explore!

Good to know:

  • Hover over project links for information on tracks and duration (amount, duration).
  • Loops also show the average duration of loops (amount, average/total duration).
  • There are currently 993 sound files available.

The Music Player

I used to have a customized audio player plugin, but now WordPress comes prepped with it's own spiffy HTML5 audio interface! There's one con: it doesn't support playlists... yet. It looks like this:

The old one looked like this:

Music Player Closed Music Player Example Music Player Navigation

And yes, the old one was a bit cooler! But at least the new one's in HTML, and it's not entirely unmodified either. You can read about my modding adventure here.

Other Queries

Questions related to sound files and everything within the directory. A bit outdated, thus left for last.

Q - There's no new music since 2011! What happen?
A - Life happened. :/ Or the lack of it. Short answer: I prioritized other things and now have a shitton of recordings I need to update or post and I'm just never getting around to it. The newer of these recordings should be popping up soon, though. It's stuff that'll make all my old work seem incredibly outdated and inferior (as it probably is)!

Q - The music doesn't load!
A - The sounds may take a while to load, so be patient. If the track starts and then suddenly stops again it has not buffered fully. Wait a few seconds and it should start playing. The time it takes to buffer a track depends on how many users are listening to the same file, how large the file is, the overall server load and your own Internet connection speed. All music on this site is compressed at 128kbps to load fast without sacrificing too much audio quality.

Also: Since the switch from my previous WP Audio Player plugin to WordPress built-in alternative, some files and playlists in particular have stopped working. If you find a file that is not loading at all, please let me know about it and I will fix it!

Q - The music player gives me a 'File Not Found' message!
A - Seems like I've misspelled the link or renamed the file or done something else I shouldn't have. Please contact me and I will fix it ASAP.

Q - Nothing plays, and the answers above don't apply to me!
A - The music database may be down for maintenance. Try again in a few minutes. If it still does not work, please contact me and whatever the problem may be I will solve it with glee (or if I can't, flee the scene like a machine supreme).

Q - What's up with the crappy voice quality?
A - It's a lack of professional microphone and studio equipment, that's what it is. Since 2010 I can't even use my microphone: the soundcard on my new computer is bad bad bad. So since 2010 it's a lack of professional voice recorder... and studio equipment... and computer with a soundcard good enough to plug in my crappy (but less than voice recorder crappy) microphone.

Well, that's what it was! Everything pro June 2014 should sound better. ;) Unless it's a quick recording I feel doesn't merit the extra setup. Like the Chimes.

Q - How can I download *enter track title here*?
A - If there is no download link available on the same page or post as the music player, it might not be available for download. You can however find downloads to most old files through the Jukebox. Or, if you really want to, there are plenty of browser plugins to download any music you hear online even when it's not really supposed to be downloaded. I don't mind if you download my tracks though, as long as it's for a greater good (like listening to when offline). Note: no commercial purposes without my permission!! Contact me and we can talk terms.

Q - A download won't work! What to do?
A - If the link is broken (which is most likely the reason), email me and I will fix it. All files are in MP3 format, so if playing them is the problem, you need to get a better audio player. Foobar2000 is what I personally use (and highly recommend. Also, if there's a chance the file is corrupted, try downloading it again first and see if that fixes it.

Q - No audio downloads work! What to do?
A - Downloads have probably been temporarily disabled due to bandwidth overload, or they are being moved to a new location. It should be stated somewhere... usually at the top of the page or in a blog post, so check out the music section or main page if you haven't already.

Q - What does OST stand for?
A - Official Soundtrack. A soundtrack is a set of musical pieces made specifically for a media production such as a movie or game.

File Information

Audio files are either in WAV (for voice recorder poetry, etc) or MP3 format (everything else). The default encoding used to be 128kbps, but I'm attempting to convert these crappy tracks to 320kbps where source files exist.

File Comments

I don't usually put comments in MP3 files due to the IDv3 bug that removes track titles if the comment is 29 or 30 characters long. Why does it do this? Well, the track number is stored in those last two bits of the comments, resulting in this very little but still relatively annoying error. Instead of keeping track of how many characters I write in all comments, I chose not to write any comments in the files (exceptions are made when I add the same comment to many files, projects, loop series, etc). There's plenty of information on tracks available online instead. If there isn't, just ask.

Missing Tags

All audio files are tagged through the Windows 7 interface. I tried Foobar2000 and a few others, but they all use different standards, resulting in certain tags no longer being viewable in one program after having been modified in the other, and vice versa. Windows 7 is running all the time anyway so tagging files is a piece of cake. All programs I've tested have no trouble reading tags created with Windows 7.

Files are usually tagged with Title, Author(s), Genre, Website, Track No & Album (when part of an album or series). If tags are missing I'd like to hear about it; be sure to include your OS and the program you use to play the file.


Note: The old (huge, badly managed; resource-excessive) 'Games' section is currently down. You can find some of my favorites here, however.

Playing Games

Q - What's the password for XXX games?
A - The XXX category is password protected to prevent morally aware young people from accessing it. By using the password xpaxx you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.


Q - How about signing up at *enter new social online community here*?
A - Nope, sorry, I lack the time to maintain a hundred different social community profiles. Thus you will find me at the places I am registered on now, on the sites I own, and maybe even offline someday. ;) Thanks for the invitation though!

Q - Can you design me a website?
A - Sure! Send me a request (the more info about whatever you want, the better) and I'll send you a quote for the project. My hourly wage is $24/hour, but for smaller (especially non-commercial projects) the rate can be discussed. You may contact me here.

Q - Can you write a poem for me?
A - If it's for a good cause (like, your birthday, anniversary, school assignment, etc), sure, write me an email and I'll write you something.

Q - Where can I buy your books and albums and movies and 1:1 gold statues of you?
A - I don't know about those statues, but all those other things you mentioned can (if they exist) be found over at the shop.

Q - On average, how much do you write each year?
A - Oh my, where to start... If we are counting regular A4 sheets of paper with the font Times New Roman and size 12 ... ehh ... I'll take a wild wild guess at 1580 (I have no idea).

On an average day (looking at recently gathered statistics from this week) I write between 2-4 pages, poetry, blogs, reviews, at times stories and other articles. I also type in a lot of answers to emails, posts at forums, stuff like this, links, random ideas, etc, all uncounted for. This is however only while I sit by a computer. During the summer (vacation ranging between 2-3 months, at most) I fill in an average of one notebook per month, the average notebook ranging between 120-200 A4 pages. In summer I undeniably write a lot less than I do during winter, though when I sit inside by the computer on an almost daily basis I am typing in words more than half of the time I spend there. In winter, though.. the latter doesn't result in half as consistent, memorable or important material.

So, who knows, I don't, but maybe this quick analyzis is satisfactory. ;)

Q - DS or PSP? 3DS or Vita? NES or SEGA? PSX or DC? PSX or N64? PS2 or Xbox? PS2 or GC? Xbox 360 or Wii? Xbox 360 or PS3? PC or TV? PC or TV consoles? Coke or Pepsi? Light or Sugar? Sugar or Stevia? Stevia or Erythritol and other alcohol-based sugars?
A - DS, 3DS, SEGA, PS, N64, PS2, GC, Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PC, Coke, Sugar, Sugar... though Stevia isn't bad. If it's the right kind of Stevia. Stevia. Yes I have changed my mind about Pepsi. Also what about GBA?!

Q - GB or GB Pocket? GB Pocket or GBC? GBC or GBA? GBA or GBA SP? GBA SP or DS? DS or DS Lite? DS Lite or DS XL? DS Lite or 3DS?
A - GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GBA SP, DS Lite, DS Lite, 3DS. Yes I have changed my mind about 3DS. ;)

Q - How many hours do you spend online an average day?
A - Too many... the average day's at least 10-12 hours.

Q - Which websites do you visit most?
A - Currently they are Google, Newgrounds, Google Translate, Gmail, YouTube and CyberD.

Q - Ever been to the Opera?
A - Yeah, twice. Last time I saw Figaro's Wedding. It was pretty good!

update notices displayed on posts with changed content, or where new material was made available quickly after posting. New posts usually adress previous issues where views and situations have changed.

quote boxes used to highlight other content, not always quotes. If the quote is by a person other than myself, hover over the box for name or source. If source isn't known, it should be mentioned.

Reward System (not open yet)

Find a typo - 1 point
Find a missing tag - 5 points
Find a bad URL (misspelled or redirecting to an unrelated website) - 10 points

Trade your points for items in our shop!


Ratings are usually included on reviews (you'll find most of those for movies):

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit
 rated 2/5: decent
 rated 3/5: not bad
 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
 rated 5/5: friggin awesome
 rated 6: there can only be one!

As of May 2019 there's also:

 rated 1.5/5: almost decent
 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad
 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all
 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

I gave them all a bit of an overhaul while adding the new ones. Old ones:

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit
 rated 2/5: decent
 rated 3/5: not bad
 rated 4/5: fo shizzle
 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Removed Pages

Redirects and reasons.

Changelog ( )
Noting each update took a lot of time away from actually updating things! The log is archived here.

Ask a Question

If anything's missing here, send me a message! Also note that this page is currently being revised a little; some parts may not be entirely up-to-date.

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