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Note: point system not yet officially introduced! When the site updates are sorted, I'll sort this out. ;)

Help out while browsing the site, and earn points while your at it! Cash in the points you've earned for free hosting or items from the shop. How do you help out?

1 Point

- Report a dead link
(a link that doesn't go where it's supposed to, either on or outside

- Report a URL where the title really doesn't match the slug.
(for example, if the title is "Listen Here" and the slug is "Free Lawnmower" something clearly isn't right)

- Report a music track that doesn't load.
(missing file)

- Report a flash file that doesn't load.
(missing file)

- Report a typo
(this does not include words that I've made up or connected together)

- Advertise on
(read more about advertising here, you'll get 10 points for each day you place an ad)

10 Points

- Report downtime
(if we aren't aware of it, we really need to be!)

- Solve problems
(now and then I post about things on the blog that I can't really figure out, if you provide a good answer ten points is yours right away!)


5 Points - I'll post a guest blog on your site
(subject of your choice)

5 Points - I'll advertise something in my blog
(nothing malicious though)

25 Points - Your ad/url of choice on the frontpage for 7 days!
(nothing malicious though)

25 Points - Free hosting for a month!
(1GB space, Unmetered bandwidth, cPanel, FTP, mySQL & much more)

50 Points - Free hosting for an entire year!
(same plan as above)

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