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Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (1994)

Ace Ventura - Pet Detective (1994)

Haha, it's still a classic! I was wondering if this movie would stand the test of time, that either the world or my sense of humor would've changed the past twenty years, but it looks like it's still the same! It's still fun! In fact, it's hilarious. It's roles like this with which Jim Carry works best; his creative geius is doing cartwheels all over the main deck. The actors are good, the plot's good, the humor is... humorous to the hyper.

It must've taken plenty of work to make all them animals speak and act and fly out of the closets as if his apartment was Noahs Ark too, so props for awesome filmography and effort in addition to everything else. The Welcome to the Jungle movie almost made me loose faith in American comedy for a while, but I got it back. This is how it's done; this is why I used to (and I guess I still do... if it hasn't taken an irreversible turn for the worse these past 20 years) still do. Great movie.

I realize I haven't elaborated much upon (OK, elaborated none upon) the plot, but if you haven't seen the movie then it'd be better to see if and be surprised. Ace Ventura is a pet detective... that pretty much says all you need to know to know if you'll want to see the movie or no.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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