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Aces Go Places 3 (1984)

Aces Go Places 3 (1984)

They're back on track with this series! The movie starts in Paris, at the Eiffel Tower, with an Oddjob, and a Jaws lookalike doing their best to once again kill the main character (he's got the whole world against him). There's a girl too, probably another lookalike but in that case one I haven't seen the counterpart of yet. Our main character (King Kong) soon evades these vicious foes and gets recruited by James Bond and her Majesty the Queen to get back her crown, though as it turns out, he might not really be the one and only 007. And she might not even be the Queen!

It all turns into quite a farce, but until then there's skateboarding on cars, way fancier gadgets than the last movie, alarms and computers and pretty high-tech technology, but in difference from the last one - no Gundams. This time it feels a bit more realistic. Even if exaggeration is to be expected with pretty much everything, the level of danger is a bit more perceptible than the previous one (yes! better music too!), and the storyline follows the same winding path as it usually does, with conflict after conflict, and a big crisis at the end.

All three main characters from the previous movie are present, along with a baby (creatively named Junior) and the characters all play prominent roles in the brew that's hastily stirred up. The props seem a bit more expensive than earlier, not with as many fancy cars as the last one, but with helicopters, tanks, boats and even what seems to be a real submarine! There's plenty to look at, and the sceneries, stunts and situations stay creative.

As the credits role, scenes from all three movies are played out. Maybe they weren't planning on making more than these three initially? It's definitely the best movie yet, with all the ingredients from the previous two but with somewhat more professionalism. I think. Maybe I'm just really getting into the groove by now; looking forward to watching the remaining three!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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