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Advent Calenders 2012

There are so many of them, all with new boxes to open up every day of the week, all weeks, all the way until the 24th. I'm participating in about 20 of them this year, the chosen ones selected from maybe a hundred. My criteria? They shouldn't require registration, too much time or take place on Facebook (you know I don't like them taking over). Two of them are on NG (one with short animations, the other with art; the latter gives you a medal each day you check) but the rest of them are mostly for Swedish webshops, most of them allowing you to answer a question, fill in your address, and maybe win a prize. Some only require an address. Some only offer great rebates and deals on certain items. One does neither.

I threw together a batch file to open up all calenders at once, to make the task a bit quicker. Thought I'd post it online for anyone interested, so here you go! Just click and all links will open in your default browser. If you want to see what your opening, edit the file. It'll open in the Windows text-editor by default. Oh btw, just counted the links, turns out it's twenty exactly. :)


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