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Adventures Of Tintin - Secret Of The Unicorn (2011)

Adventures Of Tintin - Secret Of The Unicorn (2011)

The official title seems to be just Adventures Of Tintin, but I'll go with the added Secret Of The Unicorn since I sincerely hope this is just the first in a series of remakes following the whole series. :)

Overall, this movie was great. The graphics took a few seconds to get used to with the realistic yet strangely unrealistic character faces, and I never got used to Milou. Something about his eyes, or his face, it just doesn't feel as energetic as it does in the comic. I did get used to Milou being called Snowy instead of Milou, but I'd rather they had stayed with the original name. All the other characters have origi... of wait, what happened to Dupont & Dupont? Did they just cut out all these French names to Americanize the movie? I'd rather they stay true to the original script, but setting those minor grievances aside...

The detail is surreal. In the library, with the chandeliers lighting up the ceiling. At the gate to the abandoned estate, when Tintin's flashlights gleam gets caught on the metal bars. In Morocco when the characters are fleeing with the scrolls. There are plenty of times in the movie when you can fully realize the detail in the graphics. At other times it seems less thorough, but it always looks good, and I must admit the strange style of animation captured the personalities of all the characters in a great way. It's only the eyes that bother me, and maybe that's because I'm not used to them having any color, in the comic they were all black. Haddock's eyes look old and depressing, Tintin's look a bit too sharp, almost angry. And Milou's, of course. Leaving such minor grievances aside though...

The choice of voice is for the most part great. Tintin's voice is just like I imagined it, well, I've seen a few of the animated episodes so it's probably not just imagination, but nevertheless, he sounds like he should sound. Haddock doesn't sound tough enough, I had imagined him with a bit of a heavier voice, but otherwise, the characters all sound great. Daniel Craig does a surprisingly good job at Rackham. I didn't even notice it was him playing the role until I read it on IMDB.

So, voices and graphics aside, what else is there? Story? It's just the same as the comic. Minor differences appear, of course, such as the wild chase through the streets of Morocco. I'd rather they left out some of the action, because at times it feels too wild, too unrealistic. That was one of the good characteristics of the comic, too, that it always felt just real enough. Things were never this insane, even if they were crazy. But again, setting such minor grievances aside, this was an amazing movie. Seeing the movie revitalized like this feels amazing, and I hope this is the first of many. If they remade the whole series in this fashion I would be overjoyed, and judging by how good critique this one received, maybe they will? Only the future can tell, but I have my hopes set high. Until the next one!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

If I used the 1-10 scale it would be an 8. IOW close to 5.... maybe I should swap the rating scale sometime.


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