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After The Fires

For Australians by Australians. Poor Australians bye Australians. Hottest country in the world right now. Politicians? Fire Australians. Been following Honest Government Ads for like five years now to the point it almost feels like I'm Australian.

I'll never tire; it seems they'll never expire/die down. Happy they're a part of this and not just martyrs this is the change to preach the quire now.

Environmental change is a high-pitch sound. Some people don't seem to hear the frequency. Some people have the money to build motes around them and shit on the wokest townsmen and sleep peacefully.

But if enough people try to live decently, there's no way they can keep these sheep beached in while they feast like kings and seek evil deeds to somehow fill their pockets with a piece or ten. World leaders? Deceivers. Beasts of men.

If we just leave 'em maybe they'll weaken and we can breath again.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Feb/15/2020

    how's this for environmental have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store and can only use your own reusable straws at restaraunts...hmm, I don't mind, only girls use straws to drink anyway...

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/15/2020

    They've been raising the prices on plastic bags over here lately, trying to get people to buy paper, but we still have plastic straws all over.

    Part of me feels this is great, but another part feels like they're just making money off of people's environmental awareness now. People still buy those bags. People still litter. Plastic's still everywhere. Can't buy socks without at least a few percent elastane, and all of that shit withers away in our washing machines and gets into our drinking water...

    Governments making small profits on climate compensation and carbon footprints too. What we really need is new technology, better materials, less packaging, less unnecessary transportation and less waste. Conscious living. Not just taxes and penalties while everyone keeps shitting on the world anyway.

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