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Afteraches (1:19)

I played chess, just about two hours
Didn't feel like less, my life was sour
Opponents attacked, but I devoured
Them slowly - my ground was holy

Battle after battle, battles were won
Still it didn't seem like my work was done
I couldn't fetch inspiration, no aspirations
Don't feel like doing aaaanything just waiting

For the day to stop so I can go to bed
Lie there for a while and clear my head
I've been waaay to efficient need to slow down
Get my head higher up and my feet on the ground

I don't think I want to listen, don't think I want to frown
Still I don't feel like smiling, I just don't feel that my limbs
Are fond enough, of the state since yesterday, my mistake,
Should have trained better anyway, but I don't care, I just stare

Solemnly and spread my words
Out into the

That stretches on for mile!
Completely - without trial!

All this violence!
Compressed and without rest
They hand this!
They handle this as they do best!

But they can't contain
And we just complain
They name no names
But we feed on fame

So give it up you've had
Your fifteen minutes mad
As a lunatic in cold asylums
Please don't stop the sirens

They let me sleep


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