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AfterMath Of The HeadSmash

Some of you regular visitors may remember that time a while back (two weeks) when I was rendered unconscious in the shower for a few seconds and managed to smash my head on a nearby toilet seat, a chain of unfortunate events that led me to a bed at a nearby hospital and a pretty heavy concussion (in reverse order).

The symptoms of this dramatic adventure have since about a week back worn off, and I feel great... in fact I feel much better than before I smashed my head, probably because I'm just really happy to be feeling like I'm used to feeling again. I went to get the stitches removed on Monday, and since then I've been shopping like crazy, mostly for Christmas, but also 81 comic books for myself to keep me up late at night when the snow piles high in the barren winter landscapes outside.

I went to my first Actupuncutral session ever on Tuesday, which was an interesting event. I should note that it wasn't my own initiative, I wouldn't pay for any form of therapy myself if it wasn't absolutely undeniable needed, which it wasn't. So anyhow, it wasn't as painful as I expected it to be (didn't feel much at all), didn't leave any marks except a noticeable relief of tension. I used to have a phobia for needles, but that all went away at the hospital when they sampled my blood and attached plastic tubes to my veins while I was still in a daze, unable and not interested in/to protest(ing) against their horrific act of research. Now I've lost my acupuntural phobia too, though I do prefer massage in terms of relaxation methods.

Went to visit Bear on Wednesday, Andreas on Friday, David on Saturday & this Sunday I'm working ferociously on updating the site(s) after a long refreshing walk in the temporarily sunny winter world outside. Thursday? I was insanely tired, went to sleep at seven. Have a great weekend peoples!


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