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Agent Carter (2013)

Agent Carter (2013)

Here's a short stylish spy drama about a woman in a man's world. Her name is Peggy Carter. The war is over. Captain America is dead (or is he really?!), but even if certain people would rather have it that way, she hasn't given up her dream on being a real agent.

Apart from being a highly feministic little action flick, it's also a good one! It starts at an office, and ends with a moving out, but since it's so short I don't feel like I'm spoiling any part of the plot by saying so. There is one grand and short-appeared villain, too. Zodiac.

It features a bout of action, stylish characters, and a simple but efficient script. Apparently there's a live-action series for those who want more, but I think I'll make-do with this One-Shot. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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