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AI Sharpening Test

Tried an AI tool recently to sharpen up an image I took, and look...


AFTER worked decently on the people, whom I've veiled with a big white box since I'm not sure they'd want their faces shared here, but the surrounding?
Not so good.

Seems visual AI still has some growing to do.


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  1. biterr
    Friday Jan/27/2023

    I don't see much improvement

  2. Cyber
    Friday Jan/27/2023

    Right, agreed.

    If you look at the clothing you can see it actually did sharpen up some textures a bit (like the white/gray sweater), and the faces were better - though you can't see them here.

    For the most part though... looks worse to me.

    I wonder if the AI basically treated the background as clothes or skin, it's like it tried to add natural creases or wrinkles or something everywhere...

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