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Air (2023)

Love the old cars. Love the wood panel interiors. Love the food. Love the literature. Love both the mementos and the replicas, the old and the new - the old was the truth.

Not a huge fan of basketball but... I do like Matt Damon, and Ben Stiller, and a blockbuster that manages to captivate you as this one does even when you have zero insight into the actual content matter.

I thought the movie wouldn't just showcase the business meetings though.

I thought it'd be more basketball.

I thought they'd chronicle the journey after Nike signed Mike more so than the journey leading up to that moment, but as it turns out this was more business meetings and corridor conversations on the Adidas Adolf and Converse than the actual revenue stream that came after.

There's barely any footage of Michael himself either, and he utters but one line of dialog during the entire duration of the film. A humble 'Hello'.

What more do you need though? It just adds to the mystery of the man himself, and no doubt this movie renewed whatever Air Jordan revenue stream they still have going over at Nike. I hear it's quite the shoe!

Wonder who decided to make this film, if they still have just as innovative an agent over there today...

It's a wonderful story.

You might not think it will be considering the office theme, but it is.

As always with anything that involves Mat Damon I'm blown away when it's over too, even though it doesn't seem all that special when you see it.

They make it real. They make it entertaining.

Viola Davis and Jason Bateman are great too. And all those cameos! Chris Tucker stands out but yeah... he's good too.

Great movie. Great branding, too. I think I like... Nike.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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