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Airborne (2022)

A virus sweeps the world and incites social disarray and sickness... a typical story. A lost little white man in the woods - a former accountant who lost his wife and daughter and headed away in search for answers and purpose, meets a big black man with a silver cross who saves his life and shows him how to survive.

...and then the Illuminati come in! A group set on killing all religious people. And our weak main man's handed a bible - which the Illuminati are searching to destroy - and develops some pretty impressive bow-related skills and they head off to a place called Safe Haven together - a tiny little refuge headed by a preacher, and together they make one final stand against their foes...

They pose the age old question of why God doesn't save us if he exists, and in the end they don't answer it, as usual. They also script the movie as if us agnostics are heathens totally unaware of the scriptures, or who this 'Jesus' guy is, and I'm initially a little on edge after having been to a party with a few religious relatives who really shouted out another relative who used a cuss word they considered blasphemous, enforcing this feeling I have that religious people tend to be somewhat unreasonable in their beliefs; secular; overly preachy; care more about God than about their brethren... but the movie never took the wrong road. It stayed light-hearted even through the hardship.

I gotta give props. I'm impressed how well they handled it after all.

It may not have motives I consider as noble as those who believe of course do; may not be made in a way that'd sway my own fundamental beliefs on what it means to be human, or what we're here on this Earth to do... but they stayed true to the faith. It's kinda great. A little naïve maybe but also inspiringly so...

It's a budget movie with a small cast but it's not all bad. Kinda refreshing.

Kept me watching all the way. I like the characters.

 rated 2.5/5: almost not bad


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