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Airplane VS Volcano (2014)

Airplane VS Volcano (2014)

So, what happens when a ring of volcanoes breaks out of the water just as a plane is flying through, kills the pilots just before they engage a coded autopilot, and forces the plane to circle in a loop within this ring of fiery death, whose billowing smoke clouds prevent them from escaping their inferno even if they'd like to. Well, it might've been the intrigue for a pretty bas-ass plot, but as it turns out... it wasn't. Already in the introductory sequence, when an old man is checking for seismic activity just before the volcano awakens, attempts to escape but doesn't make it, and his co-worker on the other side of the line (metaphorically, they're using cell-phones) is tearing her eyes like it's the end of the movie - I knew it wasn't going to be that great.

The actors aren't that great. Not most of them. Especially not that villain with a headache that when he turns around... doesn't seem to be having that bad of a headache at all. He doesn't have bags under his eyes or anything. He doesn't even have red eyes. He is really not the most convincing bad guy, and when he finally blows up it's not without a sense of justification, along with the sense of ju7stice. There are heroes, there are helpers and theres are sacrifices, and the plot's not so bad, the gadgetry doesn't look to unconvincing, but what does is:

  • When the passengers seem to be intentionally jumping in their seats to emulate the effects of a bumpy ride.
  • When we get a glimpse out the cargo bay and see the obviously artificial sceneries, of which the intense heat doesn't effect the main characters at all, and the cargo drops as if into a regular cargo hold.
  • When that guy climbs out the plane and gets sucked into an engine. Unreal. I mean, bad CGI.
  • The bad guy, but I already mentioned him.
  • The CGI. Oh, I already mentioned that? Well it can use some more mentioning. During the initial stages. During the very first scene of the movie. During the very last scene as well. During a large part of the flight. I'm just not getting into the mood here!

So, overall it's an airplane drama with some action; a different kind of plot, with some chaos and destruction and a lot of sudden death, but not very much nerve-wrenching suspense, awing effects or personalities that you have so much empathy for your eyes get mysteriously wet when they disappear into a volcano. Well, actually the ending did surprise me a bit, it was a bit more emotional than I'd expected it to be, but far from as much as it could've been. Yeah... that's all.

 rated 2/5: decent


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