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Airport 75 (1974)

Airport 75 (1974)

The first sequel to the original Airport movie, the one that started the entire series, and what a misleading title it had!

As with the previous one, this was an intricately woven tale of character fates, featuring a plane crash - in this case that of a smaller plane running head first into a jumbo jet - and the stewardess's attempt at staying in control of that plane (a bit more realistic than all the newer ranbdom-passenger-lands-the-plane movies...) all the while new problems amount. There's drama, there's tension and there's even a little romance towards the end. And once again I'm reminded of a few things:

- News crews can be very annoying.
- Passengers can be very annoying.
- Watching annoying news crews and passengers can be very annoying.

George Kennedy from the first movie shows up again and helps save the day, though Nancy - the stewardess, is probably the one with the most screen time. Apart from some obvious green screen work outside the cockpit windows and some supposed close calls that don't seem very close - probably because they were filmed at a somewhat safe distance from the ground - it was one pretty suspenseful voyage through the airwaves. And they had a little musical performance on board too, courtesy of a nun. Now I'm wondering if she was a real nun or none...

As for loose ends, there's one: what happens to the pilot? Overall a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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